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Reasons to Consider Invisalign as an Alternative to Braces

Men and women wearing Invisalign in Morrisville has become a popular sight as the treatment is an alternative for those in need of braces. With the number of benefits Invisalign stands to provide, it’s no wonder so many are turning to it as a way of avoiding the limitations that braces stands to deliver. Alliance Dentistry is well aware of the worries you may have over choosing traditional braces to treat your issues. Despite this, it’s important to treat the problem with the help of orthodontics to ensure that you do not face greater problems later on. Invisalign has become an alternative for patients who are an ideal candidate for this form of treatment.

To learn more about an Invisalign Morrisville orthodontist at Alliance Dentistry would be happy to discuss the possibility of getting the treatment, as well as, any questions you might have. Please call our clinic to schedule an appointment with Alliance Dentistry.

Why Consider Invisalign

There are a number of reasons patients may choose Invisalign as an alternative to braces:

Greater Sense of Freedom

Invisalign can give patients a greater sense of freedom. For example, you will have the ability to remove the aligners or trays for special events (only for a limited period of time). This can also give you the opportunity to remove the trays in order to give them a good cleaning.

Less Food Limitations

Traditional braces come with a clear set of rules when it comes to eating while wearing them. Eating certain foods has the ability to put you at risk for damaging your braces. Because you can remove the aligners, patients have a greater sense of freedom when it comes to the type of foods they are able to eat. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you should always thoroughly remove food particles from your teeth before you put your aligners back in. Although you will have more food options than with traditional braces, it’s important to keep track of how long you keep the aligners out for. Generally, you must wear the Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day. Although you may have more options, there are a few things you should always steer clear of. Never chew gum or eat sticky candy while wearing your Invisalign, this could result in damage to the aligners. When you are fitted with your Invisalign Morrisville orthodontist from Alliance Dentistry will explain all of the recommended protocols with you to better understand the treatment.

They Aren’t As Noticeable

Most people are worried about the way braces can alter their appearance. Invisalign now gives people the opportunity to correct their smile in a way that is less obvious to those around you. Much of the time, friends and family will barely notice the presence of Invisalign when you are wearing them. This can be an attractive option especially for adults who are worried about the appearance of braces.

At Alliance Dentistry, many of our Morrisville Invisalign patients tell us that they love the way their aligners are less noticeable. To review our demo models of Invisalign Morrisville residents are invited to visit our clinic for a consultation and assessment of their teeth.

Easier to Maintain Oral Health

When wearing braces, it’s not uncommon for food to get stuck in them making the braces  difficult to keep clean. However, practicing good oral hygiene is key when wearing braces or an Invisalign.

If you choose Invisalign over braces, you can feel confident in knowing your cleaning will get a little bit easier! Invisalign gives you the ability to remove the aligner while you go through the routine of brushing and flossing. Once you’ve done so, you can place the aligners back in your mouth – it’s that simple.

Are You Interested in Knowing More About Our Orthodontist for Invisalign in Morrisville, North Carolina?

Want to know more? You are probably anxious to know whether you are the appropriate candidate for Invisalign. Contact Alliance Dentistry so that we may evaluate you and develop a plan that helps you to achieve optimal oral health.

Call us today so that we may begin determining the best way to correct your smile using Invisalign Morrisville clinic, Alliance Dentistry, has to offer.

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