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Cosmetic Dentist Cary NCCosmetic Dentist Cary NC

Our cosmetic dentist in Cary, NC knows that getting food stuck in your teeth can be embarrassing. Do your friends mention that you have food stuck between your teeth? Can you feel an area where food gets trapped between your teeth? Do you have to floss or use a toothpick after every meal? Do you see black triangles when you look in the mirror? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a cosmetic dentist in Cary, North Carolina may be able to help you at Alliance Dentistry. You may be suffering from what in dental circles is commonly called “dental black triangles.”

What Are Dental Black Triangles?

Specifically, they are triangle-shaped areas between teeth that form open gaps near the gum line. They appear dark, so that’s where the “black” part of the name comes from. Black triangles are unattractive, and the gaps typically get larger over time.

These gaps also tend to get food stuck in them. So, if you haven’t brushed or flossed after a meal or snack, food particles stuck in gaps between your teeth can look quite unsightly.

These dental black triangles are often a result of the loss of gum tissue from gum recession or chronic periodontal disease. Other common causes of gum tissue loss include trauma, aging, orthodontic treatment, and aggressive brushing.

They can also be caused by very aggressive flossing. The American Dental Association recommends flossing once a day to avoid gum damage that can lead to dental black triangles. Sometimes nutritional deficiencies may be to blame for them as well. Moreover, some people are more prone to having triangular spaces which typically would be filled with gum tissue.

How Can a Cary, NC Cosmetic Dentist Help with Black Triangles?

Once the contributing factors for gum loss are treated and eliminated, correction of the spaces is easily accomplished. There are numerous ways our cosmetic dentist in Cary, NC can remedy these triangular open spaces, including:

  • Crowns: These replacements are fitted on the existing tooth to restore proper form and shape.  
  • Veneers: These are tooth-colored porcelain structures that adhere to the existing tooth to correct similar issues. 
  • Interproximal Reduction (IPR) in conjunction with Invisalign: The IPR procedure involves reshaping or filing down the sides of rounded or triangular teeth so that they become flatter. Once the teeth are flatter, they can be moved closer together with Invisalign, eliminating the gaps.  
  • Bonding: A tooth-colored composite is applied to a tooth in the triangular open space, restoring its ideal shape. This yields an aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking result. No removal of tooth structure is necessary, so this treatment can be completed very comfortably without anesthetic. 
  • BioClear restorations: The Bioclear matrix system is a new and innovative method to re-strengthen teeth without removing your tooth structure. Specific training, equipment, and materials are needed. The procedure is minimally invasive, and the teeth are both beautiful and strong afterward. The cost is substantial, though.  

Since dental black triangles are often due to gum recession or periodontal issues, it’s essential that you take proper care of your teeth. For more information on how to prevent and treat dental black triangles, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist Cary, NC patients recommend from Alliance Dentistry. We’ll do our best to come up with the optimal solution for your unique situation.


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When you are in need of a cosmetic dentist in Cary, NC residents rely on, we are here to help. We know that not all dental concerns stem from obvious problems. You may have gaps between your teeth that you think are unsightly or wish your smile was whiter and brighter. We are happy to help you with cosmetic issues and would like to schedule your consultation as soon as possible to learn more about your needs. We believe that giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of will not only give you the confidence you are looking for but can also make you healthier too. When you want a better smile, you know you can rely on our Cary, North Carolina, cosmetic dentist. 


What should I look for in a cosmetic dentist?

When you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Cary, NC, you should always ask them about their training and to see results from the different procedures they have worked on over the years. Discuss what kind of cosmetic procedure you are hoping to get, ask for their experience working on that procedure, and what kind of results other patients have gotten. 


My teeth are discolored. Is there anything to do about this?

Our Cary cosmetic dentist in North Carolina knows that tooth discoloration is completely normal and comes with age. Your enamel begins wearing away and this can make your once bright smile become yellow and dull. Further, lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking wine, tea, and coffee can also give you discoloration in your teeth. There are multiple solutions to fixing this problem and we have helped many of our patients by discussing teeth whitening or veneers. 


I’ve heard teeth whitening can cause sensitivity. Is this true?

Especially when you do at-home teeth whitening kits, you may find that your teeth are extremely sensitive. Our Cary, NC cosmetic dentist takes great care to ensure your gums are protected during the tooth whitening process, though it is possible to still feel a bit of sensitivity.


When would veneers be a better option?

Especially for people who have tried to whiten their teeth and find that the process does not help their smile very much, veneers may be the best option. We will want to discuss what you are looking for with your smile and we will work to find the right veneers for your mouth. Our Cary, NC cosmetic dentists pride themselves on giving their patients a beautiful, natural smile. 


If you would like to speak with a cosmetic dentist in Cary, NC from Alliance Dentistry, please give us a call now!

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