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Family Dentist Morrisville NC 

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It is not only children who do not like going to the dentist. Many adults in North Carolina also put off making their six-month check-ups and cleaning appointments. These appointments never seem to be a priority – until there is an issue and your teeth hurt. Now, you are in pain, scrambling to try to get an emergency appointment, and may even be unable to work because you are suffering so much. But all of this can often be avoided by keeping regular check-up appointments with a family dentist Morrisville, NC residents rely on.

How Often Should Children See Their Dentist?

Years ago, children did not go to the dentist for the first time until they were usually in school. But today, it is recommended that every baby gets checked by a dentist when they are about 12 months old or at least within six months of getting their first tooth.

After that, a Morrisville NC family dentist recommends that by the time the child has developed their full set of baby teeth, they are coming to the office twice a year, unless issues come up that the child needs to be seen.

When the child is around 7 or 8 years of age, it is an appropriate time to consult with an orthodontist to see if there are any potential problems with the development of the child’s jaw and teeth. Issues with jaw development can end up causing serious dental issues if not addressed.

For most children twice a year cleanings and checkups are the best schedules to keep.

How Often Should Adults See Their Dentist?

Adults should also see their dentist twice a year for cleanings and exams. However, if there are issues such as tooth decay or damage, the dentist may want to see you on a more frequent basis. For example, patients who have serious gum disease often need cleanings every three months in order to help keep the gum disease from becoming worse.

Health Conditions and Dental Care

There are also some health conditions that often result in the need for more dental visits than just the twice per year schedule. It is recommended that women who are pregnant see their dentist at the beginning of the pregnancy in order to take any steps needed to protect their teeth from potential decay if their hormones cause gums to become inflamed.

Patients who have heart disease or diabetes may also need to see their dentist more frequently than just twice a year. These two diseases are linked to a higher risk of gum disease. Oral health is linked to overall health. Getting your teeth cleaned more often can help you stay healthy.

Another reason why adults may need to see their dentist more frequently is if they smoke. Smoking not only causes the yellowing and staining of teeth but there is also a higher risk for gum diseases and oral cancer development. A patient who has been diagnosed with oral cancer should let their dentist know.

Patients who have been diagnosed with other types of cancers should also let their dentist know since one of the many side effects of different cancer treatments is the damage the drugs do to teeth.

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