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Cary, NC Family Dentist

Cary, NC Family Dentist

Cary, NC Family Dentist

When choosing a Cary, NC family dentist for your loved ones at Alliance Dentistry, we can see to it that the dental needs of every family member can be met. Our practice offers a range of services to meet the unique needs of each member of your household. As a husband and wife operating jointly, we place special importance on the needs of our family patients. We work with every patient to figure out what treatments make the most sense for their situation. At our office, families are no exception to this rule. We can provide a variety of solutions to address the dental issues that may affect you or your children.

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is the branch of general dentistry that focuses on the specific oral health needs of individuals during every stage of life. Children have very different needs than adults, and capable family dentists deliver comprehensive oral care from baby teeth to permanent teeth.

As family dentists in Cary, NC Drs. Tim and Maureen Raczka have helped children with teeth as young as one year old and can continue providing advanced dental services for a lifetime. We have decades of experience treating children, teens, adults, and seniors. For families with members of varying ages, we can even schedule multiple members at the same time for your convenience.

Cary NC Family Dentist Services

At Alliance Dentistry, we focus on meeting the particular dental needs of every family member. Services we provide include:

  • Regular cleanings and examinations
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • Cavity detection and fillings
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Invisalign
  • Tooth removal
  • Dentures
  • Gum disease treatments
  • Restoration of dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry, including tooth whitening

Meeting Children’s Needs

Children’s teeth change with age. Bringing your children in for regularly scheduled visits is important not only for their oral health but for helping to reduce the risk of dental anxiety. Our gentle dentists know how to work with children to help instill both confidence and comfort, and twice-yearly visits to our office give us an opportunity to encourage healthy habits that can last for a lifetime

Is Your Child Getting Enough Fluoride?

Fluoride is important for your child’s oral health. If you want your little one to have healthy, strong teeth, fluoride is crucial. Still, most parents aren’t sure how much fluoride is safe. How much does your child need and how do you know he or she is getting enough? Here’s what a family dentist in North Carolina can tell you about fluoride:

What Fluoride Is

Fluorine is an element in the Earth’s crust; this is what fluoride comes from. Often, people find it in natural sources of water. In some communities, to help with oral health, fluoride is added to the drinking water. According to the ADA, fluoride being added to the drinking water reduces dental decay by about 25 percent. If you’re worried about safety, it’s important to recognize that fluoride is completely safe for consumption.

How Fluoride Works

The fluoride that your child ingests strengthens the enamel in the teeth. This makes it difficult for the teeth to decay and can help prevent cavities. Fluoride can help strengthen any weak spots on the child’s teeth and may even reverse tooth decay in babies.

How Much Fluoride Your Child Should Get

If your child is under six months, then you do not need to give him or her fluoride tablets or vitamins. If you live in an area where fluoride isn’t added to the water, then you might want to consider a fluoride supplement from your Cary family dentist in NC. In addition, you can enhance your child’s fluoride intake through fluoride toothpaste. It’s important that you make sure your child spits out the toothpaste when he or she finishes. In some places, there is too high of a fluoride level in the water and in those areas, you may want to consider bottled water to avoid any issues from too much fluoride.

How Much Fluoride Is Too Much

It is possible for your child to get too much fluoride. The first thing that you will notice if he or she ingested too much is teeth discoloration. This is enamel fluorosis. If this happens with your child, don’t be too alarmed. This isn’t usually a serious problem. We can examine your child’s teeth and address your concerns during a dental appointment.

Cary NC Family Dentist

We understand that your life and your family’s schedule can be hectic, because at Alliance, we are a family too. That’s why we are flexible and understanding with your family. We offer the convenience of a single location in meeting the dental needs of the whole family.  We can schedule appointments for multiple family members at the same time, meaning less time waiting for back-to-back appointments or having appointments on multiple days. We provide entertaining options for your family, including high definition televisions and fun toys, games and books for children.

In our dentistry itself, we use the most modern dental technology and maintain current industry standard practices to provide you with exceptional care. We welcome your questions and look forward to discussing how we can help every member of your family achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Please contact us today for an appointment with a Cary, North Carolina family dentist at Alliance Dentistry.

Visiting the Dentist on a Regular Basis

If you want to have nice teeth and the freshest breath, you’ll visit the family dentist in Cary, NC on a regular basis, as well as take care of your oral hygiene at home. How often do you need to visit the dentist? What constitutes a regular visit? Consider the following as you decide whether it’s time to make an appointment.

Dental Visits and Children

As a parent, you’ve most likely already been to multiple well-child check-ups at the doctor’s office. What you may not realize is your child’s teeth need to be cared for by a professional as well. As soon as your child’s first tooth comes in, you may want to contact a Cary, NC family dentist to seek direction about when to visit the office. It’s possible the dentist will recommend waiting until the child is one year old, and it’s possible he or she will want to check out baby’s first tooth right away.

After an initial visit to the family dentist in Cary, NC, children should have checkups about twice per year. These visits will ensure the dentist can catch problems at an earlier stage so the child doesn’t have to suffer from serious dental issues later on. It also helps to have someone besides Mom or Dad reinforce the fact that brushing twice a day is the best way to prevent problems.

Dental Visits and Adults

Just as children, adults should make twice-yearly visits to the dentist. It’s possible if you don’t ever have a lot of tartar buildup, and you don’t have any cavities, the Cary, NC family dentist will recommend a once-yearly visit. Be sure you understand what your insurance coverage requires, as sometimes they only offer full benefits to individuals who visit the dentist twice per year.

Some individuals will need to visit the dentist on a more regular basis than twice each year. Some factors that play into more visits include:

  • HIV – Patients who are HIV positive have a higher risk of decay. When decay happens, they are then at higher risk of infection.
  • Smoking – Gum disease is quite common in patients who smoke. Smokers should be monitored for oral cancer and Periodontitis.
  • Diabetes – Oral infections, gum disease, and fungal infections are all possibilities in people with diabetes, which is why those individuals should be more regularly monitored.

Scheduling a Visit Today

Whether it’s been a while or you’re just due for a regular visit, contact a family dentist Cary, NC parents trust today. Both children and adults benefit from regular, twice-a-year checkups, so don’t wait to get yours scheduled. Call Alliance Dentistry today.