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Restorative Dentistry Cary NC

Restorative Dentistry Cary NC

Restorative Dentistry Cary NC

Whether diseased, fractured, or missing, when you need help with dental crowns Cary North Carolina dentists can repair them. Our exceptional dentists at Alliance Dentistry have the skills to restore our patient’s teeth to a beautiful and healthy condition. A dental crowns dentist Cary NC patients trust from our staff will not apply a “one-size fits all” treatment plan for you. Instead, he or she will make a meticulous assessment of your dental situation to develop an appropriate treatment plan. This includes determining the most effective type of restorative material to use.

Here at Alliance Dentistry, our dental crowns Cary NC dentists offer can provide you with a complete range of services for your dental health including fillings, crowns, dentures, bridges, and implants.

Dental Fillings

We offer tooth-colored, composite resin fillings. This material is perfect for small to medium fractured or decayed teeth. The resin is made from a mixture of plastic and glass and provides excellent durability. Composite resin is also resistant to fractures in smaller fillings that are subject to significant stress from chewing food.

Our composite resin can be used on front and back teeth as well as for cosmetic purposes such as reshaping teeth that are disfigured or discolored teeth.

Cary Dental Crowns

Dental crowns Cary NC dentists recommend are usually placed on teeth that have cracked or undergone a root canal. Crowns are also used for teeth with large fillings or on implants. Dental crowns Cary NC dentists use are typically in the shape of a cap. This cap fits right over the existing tooth, providing restoration to the tooth’s strength, size, and shape. Crowns that we use are all-ceramic, metal ceramic, or gold.

All-ceramic crowns: If looks are a primary concern for you, then all-ceramic crowns may be the best option. These crowns are produced using a translucent material and blend well with the rest of the patient’s teeth. At Alliance Dentistry, we use two different types of all-ceramic crowns:

  • E-max crown: This crown is made from lithium disilicate ceramic, known for its durability and toughness to survive the stress from chewing, yet offers many aesthetic qualities.
  • Zirconium crowns: This crown is made from crystal. Dentists consider this crown indestructible. They are becoming quite popular for back teeth. They are similar in composition to porcelain and gold crowns yet are less bulky and require less removal of the tooth. 

Metal crowns: The porcelain-metal crowns have been used by dentists for more than four decades and are still an excellent choice for both front and back teeth. The porcelain provides great color matching to a patient’s natural teeth and the metal provides the strength needed to last.

Gold crowns: Popular for over a century, gold crowns provide incredible endurance when it comes to dental restoration. Gold crowns are perfect for molars that are not visible, offering the strength needed on teeth where the color is not a concern.

Dental Implants

In addition to crowns, at Alliance Dentistry we offer additional types of dental restorations. When a patient has lost all of their teeth, traditional acrylic dentures can work well. However, some patients have a difficult time depending on their natural gum tissue to hold the dentures in place. These patients are often good candidates for dental implants. Implants are placed in the patient’s gums and the dentures are then screwed or snapped into place using the implants as a foundation. Partial dentures work much the same way, using both the patient’s existing teeth and/or implants.

For patients who have lost only one or two teeth, Alliance Dentistry offers the options of both bridges, which is permanently installed, and implants.

To learn more about your restorative dentistry options, contact a dental crowns Cary NC dentist at Alliance Dentistry today.

Dental Injuries from Dog Bite Attacks

Thousands of Americans, more often children are the victims of dog bite attacks that result in devastating facial and dental injuries. This can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but when it happens to children it can result in a lifetime of nightmares that can be triggered by visual reminders of their scars. It can be emotionally and physically healing for them to undergo treatment to reverse or hide the dog bite injuries. This might include Restorative dentistry in Cary, NC to repair the damage wrought by the animal attack. The costs for the treatments can usually be included in the claim against the dog’s owner. A lawyer who focuses on dog bite attack cases can assist the family with this process of recovering damages by filing a claim for compensation.

Disfiguring Injuries

More than 36% of emergency room visits are due to injuries from dog attacks. Nearly 78% of dog bite injuries to children affect their head or faces. Owing to the fragility of a child’s body, the injuries are often severe, disfiguring, and possibly fatal. Some of the most common and severe injuries include the following:

  •         Broken jawbone
  •         Broken or fractured teeth
  •         Severing of the jaw, lips, tongue, nose, cheeks, forehead, ears, etc.
  •         Facial bone fractures
  •         Facial nerve damage, including facial paralysis
  •         Loss of eyesight or damaged eyesight
  •         Brain damage

Recovering Dental Injury Damages After a Dog Bite Attack

Restorative dentistry in Cary, NC, particularly complex procedures to reverse or correct dog bite injuries to the fullest extent possible, is costly. Severe injuries may require treatment over a period of time as it may be necessary to allow recovery time between procedures. This can make it difficult to anticipate total damages from a dog bite attack if the victim and their family do not hire an experienced lawyer. Here are examples of common dental and related injuries that a law firm may be able to recover on the victim’s behalf:

  •         Corrective dental treatment including root canals, tooth extractions, crowns, bridges, etc.
  •         Dental surgery.
  •         Therapy or counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder and other types of emotional injuries, including depression, anxiety, etc.
  •         Future medical treatment.
  •         Pain and suffering, mental anguish
  •         Punitive damages should it be determined that the dog owner acted particularly egregious which directly affected the dog bite victim.
  •         Economic damages, including earnings that the victim is unable to earn due to their dog bite injuries, whether they be of a physical or emotional nature.  

Get the Cary, NC Restorative Dentistry Treatment You Need

After a dog bite, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Infection from a dog bite is a high probability owing to the tremendous amount of bacteria that is present in dogs’ mouths. A dentist will be able to treat and help prevent the development of oral infection which in severe cases can be fatal if not treated. A dentist can also treat many types of dental injuries and offer referrals for other doctors, as needed. A dog bite lawyer can help victims secure the funds they need to afford treatment while awaiting the outcome of their claim.

If you or a loved one has suffered dental damage due to a dog bite, contact Alliance Dentistry to find out how restorative dentistry in Cary, NC we offer can help.