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Cosmetic Dentistry Cary NC

Cosmetic Dentistry Cary NC

Cosmetic Dentistry Cary NCCary NC cosmetic dentistry has risen in popularity in the last few decades. Advances in treatment, affordability, less invasive yet effective procedures have attracted many who would like to see a brighter, healthier-looking smile to the professionals at Alliance Dentistry. 

Why choose Cary, North Carolina cosmetic dentistry? For starters, at Alliance Dentistry we are committed to helping our patients achieve the desired outcome they deserve. We know that there are a variety of reasons people choose cosmetic procedures. However, one of the most significant may be the boost in self-esteem patients often experience once their smile has been corrected. 

At Alliance Dentistry, we don’t offer gimmicks or temporary fixes. Our treatment plans are to make the necessary changes and adjustments to your mouth, making your smile the best it can be for as long as possible. For some, smiling can be difficult, especially with imperfections. Cosmetic dentistry Cary, NC residents turn to can help provide you with just the solution you are looking for. 

Examples of different cosmetic procedures that may help to provide you with desired results include:

Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dental veneers are thin covers cemented to the front of your tooth. They are made of either a composite material or porcelain. Each is custom made to fit your tooth. Veneers are used when teeth are discolored, to hide spaces between your teeth, or to make a slightly crooked tooth look straight. To learn more about dental veneers offered at our Cary NC cosmetic dentistry office, contact Alliance Dentistry today. 

Teeth Whitening

This is also called ‘bleaching’ and can make teeth that are stained or discolored look whiter and brighter. Teeth whitening can be done in the dentist office or at home. There may be circumstances where you will not be able to have your teeth bleached, so it will be important to speak with the professionals at our Cary NC cosmetic dentistry office to determine candidacy for teeth whitening.

Dental Implants

Implants are used when a patient is missing a tooth or teeth. An implant is a permanent procedure that is surgically implanted into the jawbone. It is typically made of titanium and depending on where it is in the mouth will determine the material used in the tooth that will cover the titanium post. Implants can also be used as anchors for dentures, crowns, or bridges.

Teeth Shaping

Cary NC cosmetic dentistry can reshape or modify the shape of your tooth by adding or taking away some of the tooth’s enamel. This procedure is relatively painless and can give immediate results.

Tooth Bonding

If you have a tooth or teeth that are terribly discolored, chipped, or broken, bonding the teeth may be the answer. The dentist ‘bonds’ material that is tooth-colored to the affected tooth to make it look more like the rest of your teeth.

All of the above treatments offered through our Cary NC cosmetic dentistry practice can give you cosmetic results; however, we believe the first step in seeking treatment should be a consultation with our team. If you have crooked teeth, an underbite or overbite, or other jaw issues, Alliance Dentistry can offer a treatment plan that addresses your issues for the long run. Contact our Cary NC cosmetic dentistry professionals to set up an appointment and discuss options targeted for your particular needs.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Boosts Confidence

At Alliance Dentistry, our Cary NC cosmetic dentistry office, cosmetic dentistry prioritizes the look of your smile, rather than its function. This approach may not seem mandatory for your health, however, it can have a life-changing impact on how you view yourself and your self-confidence. Many patients find that their emotional wellbeing improves right away after receiving cosmetic dentistry. It isn’t uncommon for some to even be moved to tears, especially if they have a smile flaw that has prevented them from smiling bright and boldly for many years. 

Humans are social creatures by nature, and even those who are more introverted probably need some degree of social interaction to ward off anxiety and depression. But if you think your smile is not attractive, you may avoid interacting with friends, relatives, or strangers. Cosmetic dentistry helps you feel confident when you laugh, smile, and talk with others. As you become more excited to socialize, you will probably find that your attitude becomes more positive as well. Who doesn’t want to feel good when they socialize? And why not take advantage of what cosmetic dentistry offers so that you can feel better about yourself?

Modern society focuses on appearance, and a beautiful smile can make you look more healthy and radiant. Cosmetic dentistry can undo years of stain and flaws that have kept you from shining brightly being who you are. After getting Cary cosmetic dentistry performed, do not be surprised if you feel a wave of confidence overcome you. You deserve to feel great about yourself, inside and out!

Not only does cosmetic surgery boost your confidence, but it can help with your career as well. A sparkly smile can build rapport between you and others, whether you are applying for your dream job, going for a promotion, or selling products you are excited about. Hiding your smile behind a tight grin can have the opposite effect of what you want, potentially making you come off as insincere. A genuine smile that you are proud to share is infectious, and can make other people feel more at ease and happy to engage with you. 

Cosmetic dentistry starts with an examination of your smile. Our dental team can talk with you about your teeth so we can better understand your goals and desires, and then devise a plan that gets you the smile you have always wanted to have. Furthermore, if you have any oral health issues that have yet to be addressed, we have to treat those before we can initiate your smile makeover. Depending on the health of your teeth now and what you want the end result to look like, you may need more than just one session with us.

Consider letting a dentist examine your teeth and recommend a care plan, then you can decide if you’d like to move forward. Contact our Cary cosmetic dentistry office, Alliance Dentistry, today to get the care you need!