Best Dentist Cary NC

Best Dentist Cary NC Best Dentist Cary NC

They tell you from a very young age that you need to take care of your teeth. Make sure you brush. Make sure you floss. These are two things that most of us grow up hearing. Many parents battle their children with bedtime and morning routines when it comes to brushing their teeth. We all have some experience with this ongoing advice to protect our oral health. This is why Alliance Dentistry prides ourselves on providing quality care to adult and children for decades. The best dentist in Cary, North Carolina understands the importance of taking care of our patients and creating a positive experience. Alliance Dentistry has heard many people share memories of negative experiences with other dentists and we work hard to change this perception.

Quality of Care

Alliance Dentistry and all of our employees have a love for what we do. As a result, we hold ourselves to a high standard of care. If a patient is not happy we will do whatever we can to rectify the situation. The best dentist Cary NC strives to make themselves available to their patients should they have any questions regarding past or future procedures and we do too.

Current Trends and Research

We insist that our dentists and hygienists stay current on the most recent trends and research in our field. The best dentist in Cary NC understands that there are ongoing improvements with dental procedures, based on this research. We promise our patients that we are not antiquated in our practice nor are we ignorant of how we can do things better.

Emotional Support

There are many people out there who avoid going to the dentist because it is such a vulnerable experience. Alliance Dentistry realizes this and our staff is sensitive to the emotional needs of our patients.  

Common procedures include:

–       Regular cleanings: We recommend a cleaning every six months so Alliance Dentistry can ensure a healthy you. In seeing our patients twice a year, we can catch and treat issues early on.

–       Annual x-rays: This is important to see in between teeth, as well as inside the teeth, roots, and gums.

–       Teeth whitening: Although this is not necessarily a requirement for health, a bright smile may be just what you are looking for.

–       Fillings: Unfortunately, cavities happen. It is important to catch any decay early on and treat it with a filling so it does not spread.

–       Bridges and implants: Should you have significant decay inside one or more teeth, a bridge or implant may be the option for you. The best dentist in Cary NC will be able to explain your options.

–       Dental crowns: Crowns are often referred to as a cap. These are sometimes necessary for a broken tooth.

–       Extractions: In the event that you need a tooth removed, Alliance Dentistry will walk you through the procedure.

The best dentist Cary NC patients trust takes pride in providing a safe place where our patients feel at home. We appreciate that our patients have options when it comes to choosing a dentist. In addition, we are passionate about what we do and remain current in the field of general dentistry and caring for teeth and gums. Alliance Dentistry holds ourselves to a high standard and values anyone who comes through our doors. Contact us today to set up an appointment.