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Patients who go to dentists in Apex, North Carolina on an annual basis can help ensure that their teeth are healthy. If you go too long between visits, it may result in bacteria known as plaque buildup on the surface of the teeth. When plaque multiplies, it not only continues to coat teeth, but it also makes its way to the gum line, causing even more problems.

Even if you do attend your annual checkup, you may still have issues crop up. Learn to spot the signs of dental trouble so Apex NC dentists can provide you with treatment sooner rather than later.

  • Tooth Pain

The first symptom of a dental problem is tooth pain. While not all tooth pain is serious, it does warrant checking by Apex NC dentists. There may be something stuck between teeth causing irritation, you may have a crack from biting something hard, or a cavity may have formed.

  • Gums Recede

Plaque that is not eradicated early on may infect adjacent teeth and gums. When bacteria makes its way to gums, you may not notice it. It does not start with discomfort or pain. However, over time, the bacteria eat will away at the gums, causing them to deteriorate. You may notice gums pulling away from gums, either leaving gaps or exposing more of the tooth. Once this is evident, you may want to make a trip to our dentist in Apex NC as it signals more trouble to come if left unchecked.

  • Bleeding Gums

As the gums continue to break down under the onslaught of bacteria, they become red and tender. You may still not notice any pain, but you may start to see blood on your toothbrush after you brush. Gums become sensitive as they wear down, and the bleeding is a further signal that serious dental issues may be developing.

  • Swelling or Bumps

When gums become compromised, they allow germs and bacteria under the gum line, which may require treatment from an Apex NC dentist. If the body’s immune system is not successful in beating back the invader, you may develop an infection. Signs of this may start to manifest as swelling around the affected area. The spot may become tender, and a bump known as an abscess may form. This may signal a more serious problem. The root of the tooth may have become infected. A root canal may be necessary to remove the infection. This procedure requires your Apex NC dentist to clean out the contaminated area, removing the infected root and pulp of the tooth. A crown is affixed to the tooth to seal the hole and protect what remains of the tooth.

By the time you notice one of these signs, there may be a problem that needs fixing. The best course of action may be more frequent trips to a dentistry practice to help monitor your oral health.

To meet with one of the compassionate dentists Apex NC patients recommend, call Alliance Dentistry today.

I Haven’t Been to the Dentist in a Long Time, What Should I Know?

Apex NC dentists are aware that sometimes, life can get away from you and as a result, you may forget to attend to your health, especially when it comes to dental cleanings. Perhaps you haven’t had insurance for a few years or simply just forgot. Despite this, you should never be too ashamed to schedule an appointment with Alliance Dentistry, even if you’ve been away for a long time. Some patients may feel too embarrassed since so much time has passed since their last cleaning and exam. However, your Apex NC dentist will just be happy that you finally made your way in! 

Is there a way I can prepare for my first visit back?

If you are new to our Apex NC dentists, or are returning after many years, it is a good idea to arrive a few minutes early. If you are already feeling anxious over the thought of being in a dental chair, you don’t want to add to the pressure by being late. Additionally, you may have to complete paperwork before your appointment, so your dentist in Apex NC can get to know you again and see if you are having any problems. Our dental office receptionist will want to check your insurance information as well. If you have any questions for your Apex NC dentist, you should be sure to write them down on your paperwork.

Will my first appointment back take longer if I haven’t been in for a while?

Yes, chances are your first cleaning and exam after being away is going to take longer than other appointments you’ve had in the past. The dental hygienist may need to get you caught up on x-rays too, which can add time to your appointment. Depending on how long it has been, you may have to return to our Apex NC dentist for a second cleaning appointment. Be mindful of what you have planned after the appointment, so if it takes longer you won’t have to worry about stopping mid-cleaning or being late to your other obligations. 

What are the chances that I have a cavity?

Realistically speaking, if you haven’t had a visit in 5-10 years, then you may have at least one cavity. Of course, doing daily brushing and flossing, avoiding sugary drinks, getting calcium, rinsing with mouthwash, and eating healthy can decrease your chances of developing cavities. However, there are some areas between our teeth and within tooth grooves that we just can’t reach, which is why visiting a dentist in Apex NC every six months is so important. A dental hygienist has the tools to get into these trickier places and clean out the gunk that leads to cavities. 

Will the cleaning be painful?

If you haven’t received a dental cleaning in years, then the first time you go back may trigger a little bit of discomfort as plaque and tartar is being removed. But, it shouldn’t cause you pain. If you get a shooting pain during your cleaning, let your dental hygienist know immediately. Tooth sensitivity could be a sign of a cavity, receding gums, or another issue that must be addressed.. 

If you have not been to the dentist in quite some time, we can help make your visit as comfortable as possible. Call Alliance Dentistry to receive treatment from our dentists serving Apex NC. 

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