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What Does Alliance Dentistry Have to Offer?

Finding the right family dentist in Apex, NC for your family can be a serious challenge. Some dentists are incompetent at dealing with children, while others are completely disinterested in child patients. You might even find a dentist that you deem to be unqualified to provide you with the comprehensive treatments you need to address your general, cosmetic, and restorative dental health needs. Thankfully, at Alliance Dentistry we can offer you a solution for your Apex, North Carolina family dentist Family Dentist Apex, NCsearch. When you’re looking for a dentist who has experience accommodating the needs of children and adults, look no further than Alliance Dentistry.

Unique Treatment for Individual Families

At our Apex, NC family dentist office we believe that every family is unique. As a husband and wife operating jointly, we place special importance on the needs of our family patients. We work with every patient to figure out what treatments make the most sense for their situation. At our office, families are no exception to this rule. We can provide a variety of solutions to address the dental issues that may affect you or your children. We are prepared to deal with the diverse difficulties that you and your children will experience, and we are the best dentists for your family in Apex.

Dentists Who Understand

We understand that your life and your family’s schedule can be hectic, because at Alliance we are a family too. That’s why we are flexible and understanding with your family. In addition to adapting our treatment plans to meet your family’s specific needs, we can also work with you to schedule appointments that make sense for your schedule, and we will work with your children to make sure that they have an enjoyable experience at their dentists’ office.

Childhood is when sound oral hygiene habits are first established, and if they’re engendered early enough, your kids can experience high quality oral health for most, if not all, of their lives. That’s why it’s important that you choose a dentist who can help your children create and follow the practices, like brushing their teeth, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash, that will help your kids avoid unnecessary visits to the dentist’s office.

Experience is Everything

At Alliance Dentistry, we have decades of experience as practicing dentists for adults and families. However, we’re focused on improving your experience at our office. While you wait for your appointment, we provide entertaining options for your family, including safe spaces and fun toys for children. In our dentistry itself, we use the most modern dental technology and maintain current industry standard practices to provide you with exceptional care. If you want your family to experience expert dentistry, then you should call us today to schedule an appointment.

5 Reasons You Need to See Your Apex, NC Family Dentist Annually

Going to the dentist might seem like an inconvenience, but it’s actually an important part of your healthcare. Of course, there’s the obvious reason to get your teeth cleaned. Your biannual appointment keeps your teeth white and healthy. But there’s more to your dental visit than you might realize. Here are five other reasons that you need to keep your dentist appointment.

  1. Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment
    When plaque builds up on your teeth, your gums can become infected. Gum disease is a serious issue for many adults, but it’s easily preventable. Brushing and flossing keep most of the plaque from forming on your teeth. What you miss can be removed through your dental cleaning. Going too long between cleanings puts your gums and teeth at risk.
  2. Oral Cancer Screenings
    Your Apex family dentist is trained to recognize the early symptoms of oral cancer. Even adults who don’t smoke can get oral cancer. When it’s caught early, it’s more treatable. Your dentist knows what to look for and has a painless, non-invasive tool that examines your mouth for dead tissue.
  3. Checking the Effects of Your Bad Habits
    Children’s bad habits, such as thumb and pacifier sucking, affect their teeth. Adults often forget that some of their habits have negative effects on their teeth. Smoking causes your teeth to turn yellow. Chewing ice and biting your nails are bad for your teeth. Clenching your jaw isn’t healthy. At your regular checkup, your family dentist Apex residents trust can look for signs that you might be damaging your teeth and help you find solutions.
  4. Find Issues Under the Surface
    Dental x-rays look for damage that the naked eye can’t see. Many times, the roots of the teeth show signs of decay before any symptoms are felt. The quicker you find oral damage, the more effectively it can be treated to avoid loss of teeth. Your annual exam and cleaning catch issues through x-rays.
  5. Dental Exams Worth Your Time
    Your family dentist in Apex, North Carolina isn’t just concerned with cleaning your teeth and taking x-rays. There’s a lot more that goes on at your annual visit than you might ever realize. One other thought about your regular checkups is that your dentist may see signs of other diseases that are connected to the health of your mouth. Your oral health is a reflection of your overall well-being. Staying on top of your dental health is important not just for having sparkly, white teeth, but for your confidence for the rest of your life.


Contact Alliance Dentistry for your Apex, NC Family Dentist Needs

At Alliance Dentistry, we love treating families because our dentists are part of a family too. We love families at our Apex, NC, office, and are committed to providing them with the best treatment in the Raleigh-Durham area, so schedule an appointment today and introduce your family to ours. Call a trusted Apex, NC family dentist now!

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