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Dental Exam Cary, NC

Receive a Dental Exam from Experienced Dentists in Cary, NC

Learn more about the easiest yet most comprehensive dental exam Cary, NC has to offer to you and your family!

Our Cary NC Dentists Conduct Thorough Examinations

Dental Exam Cary, NC

Visiting the dentist may be the last thing on the list of things you love to do and the first thing on the list of things you hate to do. Many patients are extremely fearful of visiting the dentist and may not go regularly enough due to crippling anxiety. However, a dental exam in Cary, North Carolina is critically important not only for your oral health but for your overall health as well. Regular dental exams can address early signs of gum disease; consistent appointments also allow the dentist to treat problems when they are in the early stages. Dental health has been linked to overall health as well, so keeping the mouth healthy is important for the whole body.

Early Warning Signs of Gum Disease

A regular dental exam in Cary, NC can help the dentist catch signs of gum disease (periodontal disease) before they progress too much. Often, if a patient is coming for regular cleaning appointments, the dentist may be able to treat the patient’s gum condition when it is still gingivitis and not fully periodontal disease. Bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, and receding gums are all signs and symptoms of periodontal disease; if you experience any of these you should see a dentist right away.

Treat Decay in the Early Stages

When dental decay is caught early, it can often be treated with a small, tooth-colored filling. However, when dental decay is allowed to progress, treatment is often much more intense. When decay is left untreated, it grows and can cause abscessed teeth or other painful conditions. At this point, a tooth may need a root canal in order to be saved. However, when you are visiting your dentist regularly, he or she can detect decay in the early stages and treat it promptly and efficiently.

Consider Your Overall Health 

In recent years, studies have shown that dental disease can contribute to systemic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. A regular Cary, NC dental exam can help you minimize or eradicate the dental disease in your mouth, making your entire body healthier.

Addressing fears of seeing the dentist or simply finding the time for an appointment can be difficult. However, due to the high importance of good oral health, you should make seeing your dentist regularly a priority. If it has been a while since you had a dental exam in Cary, NC and cleaning, do not wait any longer. Set up an appointment to see your dentist to get started on the path to the best oral health possible.

Our Cary NC Dentists Conduct Thorough Examinations

Clinical dental exams are the foundation of good dental treatment.  New adult patients should plan to spend 1.5 hours at our office on their first visit to our Cary dentist office. This gives the doctors and hygienists at Alliance Dentistry enough time to discuss patient concerns, assess their oral conditions and develop an appropriate treatment plan.  We first review your medical history and record your blood pressure and pulse. This information alerts us about medications we should avoid when treating you or medications you should take before seeking treatment at our Cary dentist office. It tells us if you are at risk for certain dental conditions, such as periodontal disease, and how we may need to alter your dental care for your safety. Our Cary  NC dentist may also discover a previously undiagnosed condition and can refer you to your physician for follow up.

Digital Radiographs in Cary, NC

Digital radiographs are another important part of the comprehensive dental exam. X-rays allow us to see things we cannot see simply by visually examining your mouth. Radiographs reveal cavities, tartar below the gum line, bone loss around teeth, dental infections and other pathological conditions in the mouth. X-rays are a critical part of your assessment; no dental exam is considered complete without them.

Oral Cancer Screening in Cary, NC

During our Cary dentist’s soft tissue exam, we evaluate the lips, cheeks, hard and soft palate, tongue, floor of the mouth, gum tissues and throat. We look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions.

Laser Cavity Detection in Cary, NC

Depending on their location, cavities can be diagnosed by sight, tactile sensation or radiographs.  At Alliance Dentistry, our Cary dentists use an additional cavity detection aid called DIAGNOdent. This enables us to find very small cavities and sites where cavities may be just beginning. By detecting them at an early stage, we can preserve more tooth structure.

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