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Dentures Morrisville dentures Morrisville

Dental injuries due to a car accident can be unbelievably painful and quite expensive to repair. A car accident victim who sustained tooth damage or loss from the impact may suffer from physical anguish and financial loss. In some cases, the damage may be so bad, they choose dentures offered in Morrisville, NC as a treatment option.

As a way to obtain a sense of justice, the victim driver may file a lawsuit against the other for compensation. Whether or not a person receives such restitution can depend on how much evidence he or she can bring forward. Visiting a dentist for teeth repair is the first step in protecting oneself from further financial loss. Documents like x-rays, assessments, and treatment can go a long way in proving what happened.

There are a few different types of dental damage the victim of a car accident may have endured from the car accident. The person may have been knocked against the interior of the vehicle, causing the teeth to loosen, break, or fall out entirely. This is where replacement with dentures in Morrisville may be an option.

Here we have listed and gone into further detail about these most common dental injuries:

#1 Avulsed Tooth

Any teeth that are knocked out of the gum socket, are considered avulsed teeth. It is a crucial detail to be careful in how you pick up the tooth if it fell on the ground or next to you in the car. Grab the tooth by the crown, not the roots and put it into a safe container filled with your saliva or saline solution.

Typically, the tooth only has about two hours at most before it dies and cannot be placed back into the socket. Do not try to put it back into your gums yourself, as you may only experience more pain and an increased likelihood for a serious infection. Putting the tooth back requires a precise and sanitary technique from a dental professional. If the tooth does die, your Morrisville dentist may recommend dentures, depending on the amount of damage your teeth have sustained in the accident.

#2 Fractured Teeth

Dental fractures can happen at the very tip or corner of the tooth, or break off closer to the gumline. Depending on where the tooth broke off, a person may not feel any discomfort at all or experience a debilitating amount of pain. Either way, prompt dental treatment is needed for fractured teeth. A fractured tooth may start to develop a pink spot in the center of the tooth.

#3 Tooth Luxation

Tooth luxations are when a tooth has not completely been knocked out, but wiggle within the socket. A tooth may move forward, backward, sideways, or all three. A person with a tooth that is loose may feel inclined to try and pull the tooth out. However, it is vital that you do not attempt to extract it yourself. If the root is still attached, you may suffer from sheer pain and only complicate the damage done.

Victims of car accidents can benefit from visiting a dentist immediately after a car accident not only for their health, but as a way to protect themselves during a lawsuit or insurance claim. It can have a negative impact on your car insurance settlement or lawsuit if you didn’t treat your injuries with a sense of urgency.

If your teeth have been damaged in a car or other type of accident and you are considering dentures Morrisville patients recommend, contact Alliance Dentistry to find out how we can help.