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If you are suspected of committing a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA. Learning that you may be suspected of committing a crime can be nerve-wracking, and can even cause people to say and do irrational things. Panic can quickly set in as you begin to stress over how you can cooperate with law enforcement while also ensuring that you do not incriminate yourself. What are Common Criminal Law Terms?

The reality is that the days leading up to and surrounding a criminal charge can be incredibly stressful. As a result, many people do things that are damaging to their case. Hiring a criminal defense attorney from The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law early in the game can prove to be beneficial. Not only will you have a skilled Atlanta, GA criminal defense attorney standing beside you, you will have experience you can trust. We can help prevent you from saying or doing anything that could harm the outcome of your case by always keeping your interests at the forefront.

Table Of Contents:

Common Mistakes People Make

The last thing you want is to say or do something that has an impact on the outcome of your case. Unfortunately, it is all too common for a person with pending criminal charges to make a mistake either by something they have said or their actions leading up to a criminal charge.

Without a criminal defense attorney, this can carry on throughout the entire legal process. Why set yourself up for failure?  The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law will not only develop a legal strategy based on your case, they can also provide you with damage control. The following are common mistakes people make when they find they are accused of a crime:

  • Allowing police to search your vehicle or property without a search warrant. It’s easy to want to cooperate with law enforcement when they are asking you if they can take a look around. Do not allow them to do this without a proper warrant in place to do so. They could find something in your home that is illegal or suspected evidence that you weren’t aware of. The same goes for evidence they may directly ask for such as DNA, clothing, etc. Always speak with an Atlanta, Georgia criminal defense attorney before you turn over this type of evidence to law enforcement.
  • At the end of the day, family and friends will always have advice to offer. Only accept advice from an attorney. They are trained to navigate these types of situations. Don’t let someone lead you down the wrong path.
  • Hire a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA sooner rather than later so that you can have a professional supporting you through the legal process. The last thing you want to do is go before the courts without an attorney present.
  • Be open and honest with your attorney. They can help you strategize any problems that come up. Blindsiding them with new information as it surfaces in a case will not allow for them to effectively strategize during a trial.

Your Legal Rights When Arrested

Anyone who is arrested is guaranteed certain rights. These rights should be explained to you at the time of your arrest, but they can be confusing. To be certain that your rights are not infringed upon, you should know what they are in advance. If your rights are violated, chances are good that your case might be thrown out entirely. Consult with a trusted criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA, like the team at The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law.

The Miranda Warnings

You have probably heard the Miranda warnings before. These are the most famous four rights that everyone has when arrested. They are:

  • The right to remain silent
  • That anything you say can be used as evidence against you
  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to an attorney even if you cannot afford one

The first two rights are related to each other. The right to remain silent means that you do not need to answer any questions if you do not want to. This also means you cannot be forced to use a lie detector or be interrogated. The second right is more like a warning. It lets you know that anything you say is on the record. You can no longer say something and assume it is private.

The last two rights are also related to each other. Essentially, they mean that everyone can have legal representation, regardless of whether they can afford a lawyer. No one can be forced to represent themselves or be tried without a real defense. If you cannot afford an attorney, then you will receive a public defender for free. You can waive this right if you plan to hire a private criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA.

Other Rights

A criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA can explore the details of your case and represent you in court. Every state handles the rights of arrested individuals differently. The Miranda warnings are universal in the US, but other rights may depend on the state in which you were arrested. For the most part, however, these rights are also universal:

  • The right to a telephone call – You can let someone know where you are. Unlike how television depicts it, you do not just get one call. If it doesn’t go through, you can make another call.
  • The right to company during investigation – It is not legal for the authorities to force someone to be interrogated alone. If desired, a friend or attorney can be present.
  • The right to an interpreter – This applies if you speak a different language.
  • The right to humane treatment – When in custody, you must receive food, water, shelter, and medical treatment.

If you think your rights have been violated, you should speak with a criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA.

Misdemeanor Charges in Atlanta, GA

Criminal charges can be terrifying. You’re not sure how it’s all going to play out and you don’t know how it’s going to impact your life moving forward.

Uncertainty is cause for concern. Uncertainty could lead to bad results. Uncertainty could potentially be changed by having the right criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA to aggressively defend you.

What is a misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is different from a felony, determined by sentence. A felony is any crime which is punishable by more than one year in prison; whereas, a misdemeanor is any crime punishable by up to one year in jail. Bear in mind, that doesn’t mean this is the only sentence you face. Misdemeanors often include probation, fines, and community service.

Common Misdemeanor Crimes

Misdemeanors include a wide range of crimes. Common crimes include:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Assault and battery
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Larceny
  • Theft

There are many other types of misdemeanors which aren’t as common. No matter your specific charge, working with the experienced team at The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law can give you a leg up you need to have your charges reduced.

Can Felonies be Reduced to Misdemeanors?

Absolutely. But this doesn’t happen on its own. You need the services of a skilled and trusted criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, Georgia to negotiate with the state. Prosecutors succeed when they convict people of charges. Reducing your charges is not something a prosecutor will do without being pushed.

Your charges could be reduced by a plea bargain. This is when you plead guilty to a lesser offense. Usually, you’ll end up receiving a lighter sentence, less time on probation, or both. But again, this isn’t something that happens without a trusted Atlanta, GA criminal defense attorney standing by your side. The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law is ready to be the aggressive advocate you need.

What Happens if I’m Found Guilty?

If you’re found guilty, you will likely have a criminal record. When an employer is looking to hire you, they will find your criminal record which might even cost you the job.

You avoid this situation by speaking with The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law today. We have helped many clients just like you avoid the embarrassment and financial hardship of a guilty verdict. While you can get your criminal record expunged in certain circumstances, that takes a long time and lots of money. It’s better to fight from the beginning and get a better result than try to fight after you’re already found guilty.

Aren’t Lawyers Expensive?

It might be more expensive if you don’t hire a good criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA. Misdemeanors are not as serious as felony charges but they can still negatively impact your life. From the embarrassment to the financial hardship, a misdemeanor charge is something you want to avoid.

The best way to avoid this and get your life back on track is to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA today. We have helped many clients just like you overcome misdemeanor charges.

We may be able to  help you avoid jail time, reduce your probation, and reduce your fines. All of this means you have the ability to get your life back and get that new job without fear that you’ll lose the opportunity because of a misdemeanor conviction.

You’re also under a time constraint so don’t delay. Contact The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law today. We have the experience you deserve and the results you can trust.

Do I need an Atlanta, GA criminal defense attorney for drug possession?

Some states aggressively prosecute for drug offenses, even if the accused had a very small amount on them at the time of the arrest. Those who have been arrested and now must face a possession charge, may want to obtain legal representation from an Atlanta, GA criminal defense attorney right away. The fact is, the judicial system tends to heavily frown upon those who have been caught with drugs in their possession. It may take assistance from an attorney to get you through this process less vulnerable. Drug possession charges can come along with steep repercussions. So understandably, many of those arrested want to find out what the immediate steps are to help protect their freedoms and finances.

Possession of Controlled Substances

Anyone who has a drug on them that is on the controlled substances list, may be at-risk for an arrest and serious charge if caught. The only exception may be if they have a valid prescription from a doctor that says this specific drug is permitted in a certain quantity. In some cases, an officer may attempt to charge the accused with an increased charge if they believe he or she had the intent to sell. This can be particularly true for people who have a large supply of narcotic drugs.

The consequences for a drug possession charge can be based on several factors, including the following:

  • Whether the accused has a history of criminal behavior, specifically drug-related offenses.
  • The type and quantity of the drug found.
  • If the accused had enough for personal use only, or there is evidence of intent to distribute.

Potential Alternative to Jail Sentencing

If the accused hires an Atlanta criminal defense attorney, the next step is probably going to be focusing on creating a strong defense case. An attorney may try suggesting to the judge for the accused to enroll in a rehabilitation program instead of serving time behind bars. Drug offenders who successfully complete the program may be able to avoid further repercussions. The accused may be eligible for this option if the offense was non-violent, there’s no outstanding warrants, and no prior felony charges within a few years prior this recent arrest.

Defense Strategies

Those who have been arrested for a drug possession charge, may be scared and anxious about what their future holds. It is important to not forget that even though you were arrested, you are still considered innocent until proven otherwise. After hiring an attorney, a few defense strategies that may be utilized can entail:

  • The accused was a victim of an illegal search and seizure committed by law enforcement.
  • The accused was not in actual possession of this drug.
  • The accused was charged with an inaccurate amount of possession.

Repercussions for Felony Drug Possession

A person who was arrested and now faces a drug possession on the felony level, must consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. If the conviction were to happen, the person may lose his or her ability to get hired, participate in voting, get approved for loans, and much more. With a criminal record, the future, finances, and freedom of a person are on the line.

Work with The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law so that we can guide you and prevent some of these common mistakes from occurring. We are dedicated to helping our clients through the justice system.

Facing a criminal charge and the court process to follow can be overwhelming. You will want to make sure that you handle the whole thing well so that you do not further incriminate yourself during the process. The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law can guide you through interviews with the police and navigate you through the court system with ease. Take some of the fear and anxiety you may have for the future by obtaining our services. A criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA clients recommend can help strategize and manage the stressors that you are faced with.

Qualities to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA residents trust. An attorney can help protect your legal rights and improve the chances of a favorable outcome in your case. Here are several qualities you should look for in an attorney:

  • Specific Experience: If you’re in trouble with the law, you shouldn’t just hire any criminal attorney to take your case. The attorney you choose should have experience handling similar cases. For example, if you have been charged with a DUI, you will want to hire a lawyer who has at least several years of experience assisting people with DUI charges. If you hire an attorney who only has experience handling theft or assault charges, he or she might not have the skills necessary to help you.
  • Compassionate: Getting charged with a crime can be very traumatic. You’re worried about the possibility of going to jail and how the charge can affect your future. That’s why it’s very important to have a compassionate attorney on your side. Your attorney should sympathize that you’re going through a very stressful ordeal right now and offer words of encouragement. Although your attorney shouldn’t make any promises, he or she should tell you that he or she will do everything possible for a successful outcome.
  • Good Communication Skills: It’s critical for a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA to be very communicative. He or she should actively listen to what you have to say and clearly answer your questions. Your attorney should explain legal terms into language you can understand.
  • Persuasive: Persuasiveness is one of the most important characteristics a criminal attorney can possess. Your lawyer will need to persuade the judge and jury that you’re innocent of the crime you’re accused of.
  • Assertive: A criminal attorney may spend considerable time negotiating with the prosecutor. That’s why you should work with an attorney who is assertive. Your lawyer should know how to stand his or her ground and not allow the prosecutor to take advantage of you.
  • Available: It’s not enough for your criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA to be skilled and experienced. If your lawyer is handling too many cases and doesn’t have enough time for your case, you won’t be getting a fair deal. You deserve to be updated frequently about your case. Your attorney should return your messages within 24 hours.

Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta, GA

If you’ve been accused of a crime then it is in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA that is trusted. An attorney is going to do what it takes to help you through your case, guilty or innocent. They can help protect your legal rights, and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible with your case. 

However, there are plenty of bad attorneys out there that can make this process harder. You can trust that The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law team has the reputation to help you through your case. What do you need to avoid in hiring an attorney to fight for you though? 

Signs of a Bad Attorney 

The justice system is confusing and complex to most people, and just like any profession, you have your good and bad attorneys. There are a few steps you can take that will help you end up with the right attorney for your needs and avoid any costly mistakes. Here are the signs you should avoid when hiring someone to defend you: 

  • Responsiveness: A good judge of how your case will be handled is how easy are they to get a hold of. Are you waiting for days on a response or do they contact you as quickly as possible? If you can’t ever get a hold of your attorney then chances are that they are not a good one. If you can get a hold of them are they good at communicating or do you find yourself with more questions than answers. 
  • Talking: Bad attorneys love to hear themselves talk. Are they asking you questions about your case or are they just talking about how they will handle it? Bad attorneys won’t ask questions they will just tell you what they are doing. If you aren’t impressed with them and feel comfortable then imagine how the other people will feel listening to them talk. 
  • Guarantees: If you have been given a guarantee of the outcome of your case, then you have a bad attorney. If they are making promises like “I’ll get that evidence thrown out” then it is in your best interest to move on. It is actually an ethical violation for an attorney to scare you into hiring them too. A good attorney will explain the legal procedures, strategies, and possible case outcomes with you, even the less than favorable outcomes. 
  • Reputation: Does your attorney have a good reputation? If you search online you could find reviews. If those reviews are low then you should move on. Another place to look is the state bar website. It should tell you if your attorney has ever been disciplined. If they have, then walk away from that attorney. Being disciplined is not a good thing. Judges will take note and many don’t look kindly at those who have been disciplined. 

Dental Care for All Smiles

Do you ever wonder just how important dentistry is to your overall health and well-being? Alliance Dentistry is here to help you find a dentist in Morrisville who can change your smile for the better. Seeing a dentist can involve so much more than semi-annual cleanings and can empower you to feel healthy and confident in your smile. Here are some services a dentist can provide.

Preventive Dentistry

Regular visits to the dentist every six months are recommended for most people to keep teeth in top shape. Visiting the dentist can help prevent cavities, gum disease and any other oral disease progression. Procedures such as X-rays, sealants and fluoride, along with cleanings by a hygienist, are important to keeping your mouth healthy. Contact a dentist in Morrisville today to schedule a preventive visit.

Diagnostic Exams

If you are having any dental issues, such as pain or bleeding gums, an exam to diagnose any potential diseases or issues is imperative. Alliance Dentistry is here to help you get back to smiling in comfort. Mouth pain can interrupt your daily life and should be a cause for concern, especially since oral health can impact your overall health. You will be examined by a professional dentist at your appointment who will advise you on what procedures or steps you can undertake to remedy your symptoms. Sometimes, your dentist will refer you to another oral health professional, depending on the results of the exam.

Periodontal Treatment

While general dentistry exists to treat your teeth, a periodontist specializes in gums and the supportive bones of the jaw. When you visit your dentist in Morrisville, you may get a recommendation for periodontal treatment if any signs of gum disease are present. Evidence of gum disease will be looked for at every dental visit, so staying on top of semi-annual preventive visits can alert your dentist and help catch these issues early.

Restorative Dentistry

When accidents or oral health issues do arise, seeking out dental treatment as soon as possible can give you the best outcome. Corrective treatment can come in the form of dental crowns, tooth implants, fillings and bridges. Accidents and injuries can be stressful when they occur, but Alliance Dentistry has professional staff and high-tech equipment to take care of your needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry

For most people, their smile is an important part of their personality and should be a point of confidence in their daily lives. If you are worried about stains, chipped or crooked teeth, your dentist in Morrisville can help feel proud of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can include tooth whitening, veneers, tooth straightening and dental bonding. Every person deserves to be proud of their smile, and cosmetic dentistry may be the answer you are looking for.

Dentistry is vital to overall health, and Alliance Dentistry can help you find a local dentist to keep you smiling your best smile. Call today to schedule an appointment so you can discuss your needs with a professional who will put you at ease.

5 Ways To Prepare for Your Dental Appointment

1. Know Why You’re Going to the Dentist

Are you visiting the dentist for a routine cleaning, or are you having symptoms you want to discuss? Letting the staff at Alliance Dentistry know ahead of time what your visit is about can help them prepare for your visit. They may need to schedule a longer appointment to discuss oral health issues.

2. Make Advance Preparations

If you take a child to the dentist in Morrisville, talk over what to expect at the appointment. You may read an age-appropriate book or watch a video about going to the dentist. Be sure to answer questions honestly while assuring the child the dentist is there to keep people healthy.

If you’re planning an appointment for yourself, make sure you plan enough travel time so that you aren’t flustered before you arrive. Make a list of questions to ask your dentist so that you don’t forget anything.

3. Gather Your Medical Information

Your dentist’s office may need your insurance card and medical records. It’s a good idea to call ahead and ask what information they need from you so that you can bring everything with you. You may also need to arrive early to fill out forms and paperwork for the office’s records.

Once you begin your appointment, the dentist in Morrisville may ask you about your medical history. Oral health care is often linked to other conditions in the body. The staff at Alliance Dentistry can treat you more comprehensively if they have information about your past or current health conditions.

4. Tell the Dentist If You Are Nervous

It’s common for some people to feel anxious or nervous about a dentist visit. If you feel this way, be sure to let the staff know. They are accustomed to helping patients with anxiety about dental appointments. Sometimes, fear of the unknown can cause people to worry about an appointment. If this is the case for you, ask your dentist in Morrisville what to expect during your visit.

5. Be Honest

While some oral health problems may seem embarrassing, your dentist deals with many different kinds of conditions every day. If you haven’t kept up your oral care routine or you have some unhealthy habits, be open and honest with the dental staff. They can provide effective care when they know about your history and practices. The team can also help you improve your oral health routine and put you on the path to a healthy mouth.

5 Reasons to take your Child to the Dentist

There is a common fear of going to the dentist, but it is also highly irrational. However, for children, this fear creates a level of anxiety that is uncomfortable and even disruptive to their daily lives. Therefore, the recommendation that children should see a dentist every six months can create a level of discomfort in the home, which can motivate some parents to avoid the routine visits altogether, opting instead for the schedule-when-needed approach. Don’t go down that path. There are at least five reasons why taking your child to a Morrisville, North Carolina dentist every six months is a great idea.

  1. Oral Exams

First, tooth decay is one of the most common and chronic diseases facing American children, and it is preventable. However, preventative care means routine visits to the dentist office. During these visits, the dentist in Morrisville may take dental x-rays and inspect your child’s baby teeth for signs of decay and gum disease, offering a treatment plan if anything is discovered.

  1. Cleanings

While some parents may feel that having a daily brushing routine is enough to ensure their children have and maintain a healthy smile, brushing can only accomplish so much. Unfortunately, while brushing and flossing are excellent ways to remove plaque, professional cleanings are required to remove hardened plaque or tartar along the gum line and between teeth.

  1. Sealants

When parents choose to avoid routine dental visits to reduce their child’s anxiety, they may risk there child’s permanent teeth. For instance, it is not uncommon for molars to develop with deep grooves or pits that are playgrounds for food particles and bacteria. A Morrisville dentist will notice these areas apply sealants, which prevent particles from getting trapped in the tooth and eroding the enamel.

  1. Healthy Habits and Dietary Guidance

Beyond a doctor for your child’s teeth, a Morrisville dentist is also an advocate for their oral health. These professionals can give you guidance on your child’s diet and even explain the importance of these dietary decisions to your child in a way that they will understand. One common practice most dentist urge against is allowing your child to take milk or juice to bed. While these items may stress natural sugars, each can lead to tooth decay if consumed too often. Therefore, most dentists recommend only allowing these drinks during meals.

  1. Comfort

Last, parents should bring their kids to the dentist once every six months to increase their comfort level. It is good for your child to associate dental exams with positive experiences, and the only way to form those experiences is through exposure.

Has your child had their first dental appointment? If not, contact a dentist Morrisville families trust from Alliance Dentistry and discuss how to make the process fun and exciting instead of fearful.

Finding the right criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, Georgia can be difficult. There are plenty of hoops you have to jump through just to find one that works with you. What you can know though is that The Lynch Law Group has you in mind when going through a case. We know that your case matters and we will do everything we can to help you. If you are searching for an attorney who will treat you right then don’t hesitate to contact us today.