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Morrisville DentistThe Morrisville NC dentists at Alliance Dentistry bring unmatched experience across the dental care continuum in multiple settings: hospitals, research clinics and private practices. As a patient you need a dentist in Morrisville, NC who is knowledgeable, local and caring. Our deep practice background offers insight, familiarity and confidence to all patients.This foundation shapes our collaborative approach to patient relationships as well as the diagnostic, preventive, restorative and cosmetic treatments we offer.

Dentists in Morrisville, NC from Alliance Dentistry know that dental health is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy life. You probably know all about what a dentist’s job is, but do you know what an orthodontist’s job is and how it is different? It is important to have an understanding of this distinction so you can receive the care you need to keep your teeth healthy. The Morrisville dentists want to clear up the difference between what a dentist does and what an orthodontist does.

Dental Care for All Smiles

Do you ever wonder just how important dentistry is to your overall health and well-being? Alliance Dentistry is here to help you find a dentist in Morrisville who can change your smile for the better. Seeing a dentist can involve so much more than semi-annual cleanings and can empower you to feel healthy and confident in your smile. Here are some services a dentist can provide.

Preventive Dentistry

Regular visits to the dentist every six months are recommended for most people to keep teeth in top shape. Visiting the dentist can help prevent cavities, gum disease and any other oral disease progression. Procedures such as X-rays, sealants and fluoride, along with cleanings by a hygienist, are important to keeping your mouth healthy. Contact a dentist in Morrisville today to schedule a preventive visit.

Diagnostic Exams

If you are having any dental issues, such as pain or bleeding gums, an exam to diagnose any potential diseases or issues is imperative. Alliance Dentistry is here to help you get back to smiling in comfort. Mouth pain can interrupt your daily life and should be a cause for concern, especially since oral health can impact your overall health. You will be examined by a professional dentist at your appointment who will advise you on what procedures or steps you can undertake to remedy your symptoms. Sometimes, your dentist will refer you to another oral health professional, depending on the results of the exam.

Periodontal Treatment

While general dentistry exists to treat your teeth, a periodontist specializes in gums and the supportive bones of the jaw. When you visit your dentist in Morrisville, you may get a recommendation for periodontal treatment if any signs of gum disease are present. Evidence of gum disease will be looked for at every dental visit, so staying on top of semi-annual preventive visits can alert your dentist and help catch these issues early.

Restorative Dentistry

When accidents or oral health issues do arise, seeking out dental treatment as soon as possible can give you the best outcome. Corrective treatment can come in the form of dental crowns, tooth implants, fillings and bridges. Accidents and injuries can be stressful when they occur, but Alliance Dentistry has professional staff and high-tech equipment to take care of your needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry

For most people, their smile is an important part of their personality and should be a point of confidence in their daily lives. If you are worried about stains, chipped or crooked teeth, your dentist in Morrisville can help feel proud of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can include tooth whitening, veneers, tooth straightening and dental bonding. Every person deserves to be proud of their smile, and cosmetic dentistry may be the answer you are looking for.

Dentistry is vital to overall health, and Alliance Dentistry can help you find a local dentist to keep you smiling your best smile. Call today to schedule an appointment so you can discuss your needs with a professional who will put you at ease.

Alliance dentistry offers a full spectrum of dental services

5 Ways To Prepare for Your Dental Appointment

1. Know Why You’re Going to the Dentist

Are you visiting the dentist for a routine cleaning, or are you having symptoms you want to discuss? Letting the staff at Alliance Dentistry know ahead of time what your visit is about can help them prepare for your visit. They may need to schedule a longer appointment to discuss oral health issues.

2. Make Advance Preparations

If you take a child to the dentist in Morrisville, talk over what to expect at the appointment. You may read an age-appropriate book or watch a video about going to the dentist. Be sure to answer questions honestly while assuring the child the dentist is there to keep people healthy.

If you’re planning an appointment for yourself, make sure you plan enough travel time so that you aren’t flustered before you arrive. Make a list of questions to ask your dentist so that you don’t forget anything.

3. Gather Your Medical Information

Your dentist’s office may need your insurance card and medical records. It’s a good idea to call ahead and ask what information they need from you so that you can bring everything with you. You may also need to arrive early to fill out forms and paperwork for the office’s records.

Once you begin your appointment, the dentist in Morrisville may ask you about your medical history. Oral health care is often linked to other conditions in the body. The staff at Alliance Dentistry can treat you more comprehensively if they have information about your past or current health conditions.

4. Tell the Dentist If You Are Nervous

It’s common for some people to feel anxious or nervous about a dentist visit. If you feel this way, be sure to let the staff know. They are accustomed to helping patients with anxiety about dental appointments. Sometimes, fear of the unknown can cause people to worry about an appointment. If this is the case for you, ask your dentist in Morrisville what to expect during your visit.

5. Be Honest

While some oral health problems may seem embarrassing, your dentist deals with many different kinds of conditions every day. If you haven’t kept up your oral care routine or you have some unhealthy habits, be open and honest with the dental staff. They can provide effective care when they know about your history and practices. The team can also help you improve your oral health routine and put you on the path to a healthy mouth.

Morrisville Dentists FAQs

Schedule an appointment with the dentists Morrisville area residents rely on to provide an exceptional level of care and service at every level. These questions are frequently asked by those who are considering visiting a dentist, but have uncertainties about the process. Our experienced staff at Alliance Dentistry are available to answer any questions or respond to any uncertainties that may be holding you back from scheduling.

Why are regularly scheduled dentist visits important?

By visiting your dentist regularly, we are able to detect dental health issues before they have time to progress. For example, when dental issues such as cavities are detected before having a chance to progress, the treatments and procedures needed are less intensive. Additionally, signs of certain diseases and conditions may become apparent through a dental examination of the mouth. Regular dentist visits will help preserve your dental health for years to come.

What signs indicate that I should plan to see a dentist?

  • sensitivity to hot or cold foods or liquid
  • Swollen gums 
  • Bleeding gums resulting from normal care routines like brushing or flossing
  • Having pre-existing fillings, crowns, dental implants
  • Pre-existing dentures
  • Dissatisfaction with cosmetic appearance of teeth
  • During pregnancy
  • Pain or swelling of the mouth, face or neck
  • Issues with chewing or swallowing
  • Family history of poor oral health, decay, or gum disease
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Chronic dry mouth
  • A historical use of tobacco and/or smoking
  • Jaw pain, misalignment, clicking or popping
  • Persisting swollen or sore spots on the gum or inside of mouth

My mouth and teeth feel fine, do I still need to visit a dentist?

Certain dental health issues are not immediately apparent but may be identified during a visit to your dentist. Your dentist is professionally trained to spot issues that you may not be aware of, but if left unaddressed, could progress into something more serious, requiring a more involved level of care to treat. Even if no dental health symptoms are apparent, regular dentist visits are still highly recommended for everyone. By continually meeting with your dentist, there can be an open dialogue about your dental health, bringing you greater peace of mind at the end of the day.

What should I expect during my initial dental appointment?

There will be questions asked by the dentist or hygienist regarding your medical history, followed by an examination. During the examination, issues will be identified, such as cavities, decay, or chips. Following the initial consultation and examination, there may be a need for x-ray imaging of your mouth and teeth. Lastly, there may also be a check for gum diseases. Finally, your dentist may conduct an oral cancer screening, which involves a careful examination of the tongue, mouth, jaw, and neck areas.

How frequently should I be visiting my dentist for a checkup?

Every patient we see has unique needs. Many patients visit us only once or twice per year, and others may have conditions that require more frequent visits.

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If it has been a while since your last checkup, are looking for a new dentist, or noticing that something just is not right, contact one of our experienced dentists in Morrisville from Alliance Dentistry today. We will be happy to speak with you and schedule your first appointment or answer any additional questions you might have about our practice.