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Are you searching for some of the best dental implants Morrisville NC has to offer? Alliance Dentistry may be able to help you if you’re suffering from tooth loss and need a comfortable, attractive replacement that’s also comfortable to wear.

Accidents, decay, and gum disease in the form of gingivitis or periodontitis can all lead to the need for dependable Morrisville NC dental implants. Having suitable replacement teeth is important in any of these instances, and you want an experienced dentistry practice that can help you as soon as possible. Alliance Dentistry specializes in the kind of natural looking and competitively priced dental implants Morrisville NC patients want. From dentures to permanent tooth replacements, we can help you recover your smile in the way you need and want.

About Dental Implants

When you need your teeth replaced, you will likely undergo one of the following procedures:

  • Full or partial dentures
  • Dental bridges

You will likely need dental implants as part of these procedures because they make it possible for your dentist to install the dentures and bridges. The dental implants Morrisville NC receives at Alliance Dentistry are designed to imitate the natural structures that hold your teeth in place. They consist of titanium anchors that your dentist will install by connecting them to your jawbones, which will then be fused to your mouth’s bone structure.

After this initial fusing procedure, you will be prepared for additional dental procedures, either restorative or cosmetic, as well as have a more pleasing physical appearance and improved dental health.

Who Needs Dental Implants?

Alliance Dentistry typically suggests dental implants in Morrisville NC to patients who have missing teeth or any serious conditions that will probably lead to their losing teeth down the road. We also tend to recommend implants to patients who are considering any kind of tooth replacement procedure. The appropriate type of dental implants Morrisville NC patients receive will help with these and other challenges to oral health:

  • Infected roots
  • Missing teeth

A few of the many benefits of receiving dental implants are:

  • A permanent improvement to your oral appearance.
  • Clarity of speech, because dentures lacking implants can often move around in your mouth which will probably make you difficult to understand when speaking.
  • A sturdier oral structure, because dental implants are very durable when well cared for, and can help you have better long term dental health.

With dental implants, you can expect an overall improvement in your oral health. If you experience tooth loss and fail to seek a replacement, you are at an increased risk of developing infections and gum disease.

Treatment from Our Dentistry

Surgery is required with dental implants; fortunately, the dentists at Alliance Dentistry are highly experienced in performing such procedures. If you experienced tooth loss recently, or are worried that you may in the near future, consider scheduling an appointment today. Call Alliance Dentistry at (919) 363-3100 to find out if our dental implants Morrisville NC patients choose are right for you too.