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Treatment for Dental Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists who verge out onto the road for a cruise may understand the risks associated with traveling on two motorized wheels. However, they may not imagine suffering dental injuries if an accident were to happen. Wounds to the mouth, jaw, and teeth are actually quite common in victims of motorcycle accidents. These injuries often require medical intervention from a cosmetic dentist in Morrisville, North Carolina in order to repair and heal dental damage. It is crucial to the recovery process to receive treatment for dental injuries right away. If a victim were to wait too long to see a dentist, he or she may suffer from increasing pain and a worsened condition.

Q: What is the best way to help prevent dental injuries from happening?

A: Sadly, there is not much solidified evidence that shows helmets protect a rider’s face from injuries during an accident. It is possible that wearing a full-coverage helmet can lessen the chances of injured teeth. Perhaps the most useful strategy in preventing such injuries is to always wear safety gear, ride based on your skill level, and use defensive tactics to help avoid a collision. Unfortunately, even the most practiced and safe motorcyclist may be part of a terrible accident if a car driver nearby was being reckless.

Q: How are chipped or cracked teeth treated by a Morrisville cosmetic dentist?

A: Depending on the severity of the crack, chipped teeth may be treated with porcelain veneers or dental bonding. If the tooth was structurally damaged, a dental crown may be needed to support and protect it long-term. Signs that a cracked tooth may need dental care are if the rider experiences tooth sensitivity, pain upon chewing or biting, or pink coloration developing in the center.

Q: If a tooth didn’t fall out but became loose, will it stabilize on its own?

A: A tooth that wasn’t entirely knocked out but is loose within the gum socket needs to be seen by a dentist promptly. A tooth that moves backward, forward, or side-to-side, needs to be secured by a dental professional. A tooth is likely to only get worse, versus stabilizing on its own. If left untreated, the pulp can die, and then a root canal may be required to fully address the problem.

Q: Can a tooth that was knocked out get put back in?

A: A motorcyclist who hit his or her head against an object during the accident may have had one or several teeth knocked out from the force. If this happens, teeth that are preserved and implanted within half an hour up to two hours may be able to reintegrate with the gum socket. It is highly discouraged that any person tries to place a tooth back into the gum line. It may be virtually impossible with how much pain can be felt due to the contact. The cost for dental treatment can be expensive, but through taking legal action against the offending driver, repayment for these bills is possible.

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