Dental Bridges Morrisville

Dental Bridges MorrisvilleDental Bridges Morrisville

If you are in need of a dental bridge in Morrisville, North Carolina, please call Alliance Dentistry. These kinds of dental procedures are an effective way to restore a damaged, broken, infected, or missing tooth. A dental crown or bridge looks and feels natural, making it an ideal treatment for certain issues of the mouth

To explore our dental services, or to ask a dentist about getting a dental crown or bridge in Morrisville, please give Alliance Dentistry a call as soon as possible. We are currently accepting a limited number of new patients.

Understanding a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a type of cap that is fitted to a remaining tooth in the mouth. Usually, a crown will be utilized to repair a tooth that has been damaged. In some cases, they may be used for cosmetic reasons. However, nowadays, veneers are more likely to be recommended or a crown. There are three different metals that are used to make a dental crown. Because each metal costs a different price, you will also have the ability to choose a crown based upon your budget. The three options for a crowns’ material are:

  • Completely ceramic
  • Ceramic on metal
  • Completely metal

More than likely, your Morrisville dentist will suggest the material based upon the location of the damaged tooth. For example, a ceramic dental crown will be suited to frontal teeth; whereas, a metal tooth could be used in the back of the mouth. Ceramic on metal dental crowns are the most popular because they are very durable, look natural, and are relatively affordable.

Understanding a Dental Crown Infographic

If you’re in need of a dental crown, it is advisable that you do not delay in asking a dentist to help you with this procedure. The longer you wait to have a dental crown, the more wear and tear you put onto the already damaged tooth. This can result in more damage or even complete loss.

Understanding a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges in Morrisville are another type of dental treatment that will replace a missing tooth. There are no dentures involved and no surgery. Rather, you will have two dental crowns that hold the tooth in place. A bridge looks natural, matches the nearby teeth, is affordable, and durable.

Before You Can Get Your Dental Bridge or Crown

Depending on your dentist, it is possible that you will be advised to have a bleaching procedure done before you get the dental bridge or crown. If you don’t want your teeth whitened, then you can skip this part of the treatment. The reason to have it done first is because dental crowns and bridges cannot be whitened. Therefore, if you get it done after, all of your natural teeth will be whiter than the crown and bridge.

Following the Treatment

Many patients feel slight tooth sensitivity or soreness. It might be a good idea to take one or two days off of work so you can rest, relax, and recover. Your dentist will explain the procedure to you in full so you know exactly what to expect. Over-the-counter painkillers, such as ibuprofen, may be recommended. If you are pregnant, have certain medical conditions, are taking certain medications like blood thinners, please let the dentist know ahead of time.

Once your new dental bridge or crown has been fitted, you can resume eating normal foods without any discomfort. You might also notice improved functioning in your mouth, a reduction in a speech impediment (caused by a missing tooth), and of course an increase in confidence.

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