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Bad Habits That Affect Your Child’s Teeth

April 24, 2024 Uncategorized

An Apex, North Carolina family dentist knows that there are many bad habits that can affect your child’s teeth in the long run. Baby teeth can seem inconsequential because they’re just going to fall out in a few years. Actually, those baby teeth are very important to your child’s development. Without baby teeth, it would be difficult to learn to talk or eat. The cavities that affect baby teeth can transfer to permanent teeth. It’s recommended that children see a dentist within their first year to give them a healthy start with dental care. Create healthy habits in children to keep their teeth healthy. Avoid these negative bad habits to prevent future issues.

Don’t Put the Baby to Bed with a Bottle

When the sugars from formula and juice stay on the teeth overnight, the decay process can start. It eats away at the enamel of teeth. It’s a good idea to wipe your child’s mouth out with water after eating to protect the teeth.

Don’t Let Your Child Carry a Cup of Juice or Milk Around

This bad habit is similar to letting your child drink milk or juice at night. The sugars in the drink stay on the teeth. Give your child these drinks at mealtime, when he or she can produce more saliva to wash the sugar off the teeth. Brush after meals. If you must let your child have a drink throughout the day, give them water.

Don’t Allow Thumb-sucking or Extended Pacifier Use

Thumb-sucking and pacifier use should be stopped before permanent teeth come in. Ideally, children shouldn’t rely on pacifiers, bottles, or thumbs for a long period of time once the baby teeth come in, because extended sucking can cause teeth to become misaligned.

Don’t Overdo Fluoride

There’s an old saying, “if some is good, more must be better.” That’s not always true, especially with fluoride. Don’t let your child use too much toothpaste. Follow your dentist’s recommendation for fluoride use, because your dentist will know the local use of fluoride in the water and what your child needs for their age.

Don’t Let Your Child Chew on Anything Other Than Food

Nail-biting is not good for the teeth, because it can introduce bacteria into the mouth. Chewing on a pencil might chip a tooth. Limit sugary, sticky foods that can leave residue on the teeth.