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Tooth Fillings Apex NC

Tooth Fillings Apex, NC NC Tooth fillings

Patients in Morrisville have choices about tooth fillings. At Alliance Dentistry we provide a wide range of dental services, including tooth fillings Apex, NC men, women, and children can safely receive with state of the art equipment.

Our patients’ ages range from young children to seniors. We are happy to accommodate families who wish to receive dental services for more than one family member during the same visit. Members of the Morrisville community choose Alliance Dentistry for tooth fillings and other dental health needs.

How A Tooth Filling in Apex, NC Can Restore Your Tooth

When a tooth is decayed, the damage can be restored with the use of a filling. Prior to filling a tooth, our dentist will remove the decayed material within the damaged tooth then clean the resulting cavity. Our dentist will then fill the cavity with a filling of one type or another depending on your choice of material. Once the filling is done, the bacteria can no longer enter that tooth and further decay should not happen.

Types of Materials for Tooth Fillings in Apex, North Carolina

Today’s choices for tooth fillings are many, and you may prefer one type over another. Prior to providing tooth fillings for patients at our Apex, NC location, our dentist will explain their choices of materials. Composite resin, amalgam, porcelain, and gold are the primary materials from which you can choose.

More About Choices for Materials

Among the choices of materials for tooth fillings Apex, NC patients may prefer one type, while another patient may prefer a different one. Choices may be affected by the extent of the cavity, where the filling will be located in the mouth, and the cost associated with each type.

Gold Fillings – These are custom made in a lab and the dentist permanently cements the gold filling into the cavity. They can last in excess of 20 years which is why many prefer gold fillings over other types of material. However, the quality is reflected in the higher price.

Silver Fillings – These are actually an amalgam which is an alloy of silver, mercury, tin, copper, and occasionally zinc. Silver tooth fillings in Apex, NC are a less costly choice than most other types of materials and they last a long time. The downside is that their dark coloring is more noticeable than porcelain.

Composite Resins – This type of filling is made from a form of plastic and will be matched to the color of your teeth. This choice can be ideal if the patient wishes for their fillings to be unnoticeable. However, if the filling is large, this type of filling might wear or chip. They are also susceptible from staining if the person drinks tea or coffee or smokes. They also do not last as long as certain other types of fillings as they may need to be replaced after three to ten years.

Porcelain – This type of filling is sometimes referred to as inlays. They are created in a lab and the dentist bonds it to the tooth. The color can be matched to the patient’s tooth color and it is resistant to staining. When Alliance Dentistry dentists use porcelain tooth fillings Apex, NC patients should understand that they usually will cover a large part of the tooth. The cost is more in alignment with gold fillings.

If you are in need of tooth fillings Apex, NC dentists from Alliance Dentistry would be happy to help you make the right choice about your treatment options. Please give our office a call to schedule an exam.