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Preventative Care Dentistry Cary, NC

Preventative Care Dentistry Cary, NC

Preventative Care Dentistry Cary, NCAs the parent of an infant or small child, you may wonder when you should consider preventative care dentistry Cary, NC residents recommend. The most-commonly given answer is as soon as your baby has teeth, but that is not entirely accurate. Babies actually have 20 primary teeth from birth, but you cannot see them because they are still hidden beneath the gums. They usually start erupting around the time your baby is six months old. Therefore, it would be more accurate to say that your child can see the professionals at Alliance Dentistry as soon as the teeth become visible.

If that is not feasible, your child should see the dentist no later than his or her first birthday. The following, are a few of the benefits to accessing preventative care dentistry Cary, NC residents turn to early on:

Tooth Decay Prevention

If you wait until your child is school-age to take him or her to the dentist, it may be too late to prevent tooth decay. By kindergarten, the number of children who already have tooth decay is more than 40%, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Of all the chronic diseases that affect children in the United States, tooth decay is the most common. It can begin to develop as soon as the teeth first start erupting in your child’s mouth. This is a primary reason preventative care dentistry Cary, North Carolina providers should be accessed for your child.

Parent Education

Fortunately, most cases of pediatric tooth decay are preventable. However, since your child is too young to take responsibility for his or her own dental care, the task of cleaning your child’s teeth on a daily basis falls to you for the time being. As with most activities, there is a right way to do this and at least one wrong way. Alliance Dentistry provides preventative care dentistry in Cary, NC children have access to so that parents may learn the most effective way to care for their child’s teeth. This can ensure that you will be effective at helping to prevent tooth decay in your child’s mouth.

Up-to-Date Information

Research into pediatric dentistry is ongoing, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all the latest information. For example, until recently it was recommended that parents not use fluoride toothpaste to brush a baby’s teeth. Now, however, dentists recommend that parents can use fluoride toothpaste in very small quantities. All this seemingly contradictory information can be confusing. Preventative care dentistry Cary, NC patients have access to can provide you with the latest research and explain how to apply the new information to your child’s dental hygiene routine.

Beginning a routine of regular dental visits at Alliance Dentistry can help to establish a healthy habit to last a lifetime. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for preventative care dentistry Cary, NC residents can rely on.