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Diagnostic Dentistry Apex NC

diagnostic dentistry Apex nc | dentistry Apex ncLearn about the best Diagnostic Dentistry Apex NC has to offer!

At our Apex NC family dentist office, we perform Diagnostic Dentistry Apex NC residents rely on, considering both hard and soft tissue, which is the foundation of an effective treatment plan. Our dentists in Apex, NC dedicate a significant amount of time to patients so an ideal plan can be established.

At the initial appointment, patients will see one of our hygienists first. We begin with a review of the patient’s past medical and dental histories and discuss any concerns the patient may have. A set of cavity detecting radiographs is taken and all teeth are charted. This means documenting decayed, missing and filled teeth. The health of gingival tissues is assessed by measuring periodontal pocket depths, and intra-oral photographs are taken of the teeth and soft tissue, if necessary.

Based on the findings at this point, the hygienist will either proceed to cleaning the teeth or educating the patient about periodontal disease. Our dentists in Apex, NC will then perform a comprehensive exam. We evaluate the condition of the teeth, gum and other soft tissues, the relationship between the upper and lower teeth, and review the radiographs. We screen for oral cancer. We may take impressions of the teeth to further study the bite, tooth shape and position. We may also use additional aids, such as DIAGNOdent, to assist us in our diagnosis. We ask patients about their dental concerns, their oral health habits, and their dental treatment goals. Our dentists in Apex, NC will then explain to our patients our findings, showing them their radiographs and intraoral photos to better help them understand their oral condition.

We welcome questions and feedback. Together, considering the findings from our Diagnostic Dentistry in Apex NC and conversations with the patient, we formulate an appropriate treatment plan. If you are concerned about your oral health, contact our dentists in Apex NC for diagnosis.

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