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Dental Crowns Apex, NC

Dental Crowns Apex, NC

What You Should Know About Getting Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns Apex, NC

At Alliance Dentistry, we offer dental crowns and bridges for anyone in the area and in need of a an Apex, NC dentist. These dental procedures are effective for restoring a tooth that has been damaged, broken, infected, or completely fallen out. With the right dentist, a dental crown or bridge can look so natural, no one would know it was there unless you told them.

To learn more about our a bridge or dental crowns Apex, NC dentists from Alliance Dentistry invite you to schedule an appointment.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a special cap that is applied to the remaining tooth. Usually, crowns are used to repair a damaged tooth; however, they can also be used for cosmetic purposes. There are three primary metals used to make a crown. The costs of these metals will vary, which also means you will have the choice of choosing a crown that suits your budget.

  • All metal
  • Ceramic on metal
  • All ceramic

Your dentist might recommend to you the type of material used, especially if the crown is located in certain areas. For example, front teeth are best suited to an all ceramic crown because it looks most natural. Many patients will choose ceramic on metal crowns for their other teeth because they look natural and they are durable.

If you need dental crowns Apex, NC residents should not wait too long to have the procedure done. In doing so, you could cause further damage to the tooth, or teeth. For an appointment regarding your dental crowns Apex, NC men and women can call Alliance Dentistry for the soonest appointment.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are a procedure that replaces a missing tooth, but does not involve dentures or having to undergo any surgery. Two crowns will hold the tooth in place. A bridge looks natural, is usually made from ceramic, and matches the surrounding teeth.

Prior to Getting a Crown or Bridge

Some dentists in North Carolina will recommend you to bleach your teeth prior to the treatment. This is a preference of choice only. When you get the bleaching done first, the crown and bridge will match your teeth. Whereas, if you get the crown or bridge first, and then you want to bleach your teeth, they will not be lightened at all because they are resistant to the whitening procedure.

After Your Procedure

Although you can go immediately back to work. It may be a good idea to take a day or two off. It is possible that your teeth will be sensitive or sore, and by taking off work, you can relax and rest.

The procedure itself can be explained to you by the dentist from Alliance Dentistry. Once you have completed the procedure, you can expect some sensitivity. Oral painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen may be recommended. Consult your dentist or pharmacist to confirm which is right or you.

After your new crown is applied to your teeth, you can enjoy eating your favorite foods without feeling any discomfort. Wearing a dental crown can also improve and restore the functionality of your mouth. Similarly a bridge can assist people in eating and speaking normally without a denture or tooth falling out.

If you believe you are in need of a bridge or dental crowns Apex, NC clinic, Alliance Dentistry, would like you  to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Preparing For Dental Crown Procedure

As an Apex, NC dental crowns dentist from Alliance Dentistry offers, did you know that around 20% of people suffer from damage to their teeth at one point or another in their lifetime? So if you have a cracked or chipped tooth, then we recommend contacting our clinic for help. You may be wondering, what exactly is a dental crown? And how does it benefit you? Continue reading to find out.

Crowns are caps that are designed into a tooth-shape, so they can be placed over teeth. Their purpose is to restore your tooth size, shape, or strength. Crowns can also improve the look of your teeth and smile. After the crown is set into place, it fully encases the visible portion of your tooth. A dental crown can amend misshapen teeth, protect teeth, hold part of a cracked tooth, secure a dental bridge, restore function of worn-down teeth, and cover a filling when there is not enough tooth left. 

Crowns are made using porcelain, zirconia, ceramic, stainless steel, metal, or composite resin, and your dentist can suggest which material to use based on where the crown will be placed. The material used may vary based on how much strength and durability is needed for the tooth. The factors that determine which material is best to use include the color of the surrounding teeth, position of your gum tissue, amount of natural tooth remaining, how much tooth will show when you smile, and the function and location of the tooth itself.

Your Apex dental crowns dentist will suggest either a temporary crown, one-day crown, or onlay crown depending on your needs. With an onlay crown, only a portion of the tooth is covered. A one-day crown is created in house within your appointment time, and temporary crowns are designed to remain in your mouth for a shorter time frame. A temporary crown may be used while you wait for your permanent crown to be ready. The crown is placed by using a dental adhesive.

You may need to schedule an appointment for a crown if you want to restore a broken tooth, hold together a cracked tooth, protect a weak tooth before it breaks, make a cosmetic adjustment, cover a dental implant, support a tooth with a substantial filling, or hold a dental bridge in place. Both adults and children can receive crowns. A crown can save a tooth that has been damaged from decay, and if the tooth was too damaged to hold a filling, a crown can help. Crowns also protect a child’s teeth if they are susceptible to tooth decay. 

If you may need a crown and want more information, don’t hesitate to contact an Apex dental crowns dentist from Alliance Dentistry today for assistance!