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Why Get Cosmetic Dentistry in Cary NC?

February 05, 2015 Uncategorized

Cosmetic Dentistry in Cary NCWhy choose cosmetic dentistry in Cary NC? There are many reasons, and as dentistry advances, the incentive to pursue cosmetic treatments is stronger than ever. Many of our Cary, NC dentists’ patients come to our office seeking a brighter, more confident smile. However, cosmetic dentistry can benefit more than our looks or self-esteem. A misshapen bite or missing teeth can lead to complications with chewing, swallowing and oral hygiene, which, in turn, can harm our overall health. Diabetes and respiratory ailments are just a few of the illnesses linked to poor dental health. Thankfully, with cosmetic dentistry, many patients leave our Cary, NC dentist office with a happier, healthier smile. Some popular reasons for cosmetic dentistry in Cary, NC include:

  • Malocclusions– An irregular bite can hurt our looks, our self-confidence, and our oral health. There are many solutions to this, which include traditional braces, and transparent aligners such as Invisalign. If malocclusions are a concern for you, our invisalign dentists in Cary NC are happy to discuss solutions for your smile.
  • Bleaching and Whitening– Do you hide your smile because you wish your teeth were whiter? Many of us wish we could smile brighter and, while several treatments may be available at your local drugstore, the safest, most effective teeth whitening treatments in Cary, NC, are administered by an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Cary, NC.
  • Composite fillings– Not only do many of us want our teeth to be whiter, we want our fillings to match. Many of us have metal fillings from cavities, and are uncomfortable with our appearance. However, non-metal fillings, also known as composite fillings, are tooth-coloured and can blend more naturally with our teeth.
  • Surface imperfections– Porcelain veneers are yet another popular service we offer to those seeking cosmetic dentistry in Cary NC. Oftentimes we may have small but bothersome imperfections in our front teeth, such as small chips, or unsightly stains that a whitening procedure cannot fix. If this is the case, we may choose porcelain veneers to cover our teeth, and present a smooth, polished surface to the world. Porcelain mimics the look and feel of tooth enamel, giving our smile a natural appearance.
  • Missing teeth– Missing teeth leave us more open to periodontal (gum) disease and subsequent health complications, they can also induce jaw pain, and many of the chewing and swallowing problems discussed above. Furthermore, without a tooth in place, other teeth are likely to shift, making us even more unhappy with our appearance. For this reason, dental implants are a common procedure for cosmetic dentistry in Cary, NC. Through dental implants and similar procedures, our Cary, NC dentists can restore not just a missing tooth, but the confidence that comes with a healthy smile.

Do you have any of the above concerns about your appearance and oral health? Our dentists in Cary, NC are happy to help, and can ensure that you receive top-tier cosmetic dentistry in Cary, NC. To make an appointment, contact Alliance Dentistry in Cary NC today.