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What You Should Ask Your Orthodontist

December 19, 2022 Uncategorized


If you have never been to an orthodontist–or even if this is a returning visit–it is completely understandable if you have anxiety surrounding your appointment. Many people feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to seeing a dentist or orthodontist and may feel that their orthodontist will judge them or that there will be so many problems they will be unable to keep up with them. However you are feeling about an orthodontic appointment, it is important to be prepared. Being prepared can help you feel like you have some control over the situation and it can help you feel empowered when you know what to expect. An orthodontist will want to assess your oral health and determine what–if any–kinds of treatments you may need. 

What To Ask Your Orthodontist

How can you be best prepared when you see your orthodontist? Ask questions! Your orthodontist should make you feel as comfortable as possible. Knowing what questions to ask when you visit them for the first time can help you understand what the process is and what to expect. 

  • What will my insurance cover? If you are concerned about the financial repercussions of orthodontic work, you are not alone. Many people may wish they could have certain work completed but know they could not pay for it out of pocket. If you are curious about the price of braces, retainers, or other orthodontic work, do not hesitate to consult with the orthodontic office about what treatments your insurance covers.
  • How will your process meet my oral health goals? You may wish you did not have an underbite. You might wish your teeth were straighter or whiter or that they were easier to clean. Whatever your personal goals are, come with a list and be prepared to speak candidly with your orthodontist, like an orthodontist from Alliance Dentistry Cary an office like They can help walk you through what your hopes are, what treatments are available, and what a realistic timeline might be.
  • I’m nervous about braces. Do I have other options? Absolutely. When it comes to working on your “bite” or straightening your teeth, you may not need to go the traditional route. There will be other options, like Invisalign, that may help you more discreetly. These options can help you with your bite, crowding, gaps, and even impacted teeth.
  • Are retainers required? This will depend entirely on the treatment you have had leading up to this moment. If you had braces or aligners, you will likely be required to wear retainers for a certain length of time during the day and night. Even if you have not had orthodontic work done, your orthodontist may suggest retainers for other oral health concerns, such as teeth grinding.
  • I’m nervous about being judged for my oral hygiene. Should I avoid the orthodontist? Absolutely not! Orthodontists understand that life can be difficult sometimes and one of the first things that often gets tough to take care of is oral hygiene. However, this does not mean it’s too late to start taking care of yourself. Speak with your orthodontist honestly if you have struggled to take care of your oral health and know that they are there to help work out a plan that can keep you healthy that you can manage.

For more questions or to schedule a consultation, reach out to your local orthodontist now.