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Four Ways to Know if Your Dentist is Focused on Your Family

July 16, 2014 Uncategorized

Four Ways to Know if Your Dentist is Focused on Your Family When you’re searching for the dentist who’s right for your whole family, you can almost never be too diligent. Although many dentists advertise that they can provide great treatment for your entire family, claims like that are often simply misleading. Many dentists who claim that they’re great with families often do not understand how to satisfy the needs of both their adult and children patients. However our doctors Timothy and Maureen Raczka are committed to providing comprehensive treatment for families like yours because they formed Alliance Dentistry as their own family practice. Call us today to learn how your dental health could benefit from treatment that takes your whole family into consideration. There are four ways to know if your family dentist is actually family focused, and we like to think that Alliance Dentistry excels at all the criteria listed below.

Your family dentist is good with kids

A family dentist who can provide good dental treatment for your kids is an essential component of good family dentistry. We see families every week who previously used ineffective family dentists. Their children are often afraid of dental treatments and lacking sound background in good dental hygiene habits. Starting your children off on a path to a future with healthy teeth is essential, and they need dentists who can engage your children in the process of maintaining their dental health. At Alliance Dentistry, we love working with children and adults to encourage sound oral hygiene practices.

Your family dentist offers comprehensive services

When you’re in the market for a family dentist, it’s important that they offer many services that can accommodate your family’s unique dental health needs. A dentist who refers you to specialists all over Apex and Cary might not be recommending treatment that makes logistical sense for your family. That’s why at Alliance Dentistry we provide a variety of treatments to meet your restorative, preventative, periodontal, and cosmetic dental health needs.

Your dentist is personable

One of the most important qualities to look for in a dentist is their personal investment in you and your family as patients. If your dentist makes an effort to get to know you, and to make sure that you feel comfortable while at their office, then they are worth keeping so long as they provide quality treatment. A dentist who is personable can help allay familial fears about dental visits, and can be more proactively accommodating when providing dental treatment. We love to treat families at Alliance Dentistry, and look forward to getting to know yours and to working with you to develop specialized dental treatments.

Your dentist offers considerate care

Some dentists strive administer identical treatment to all of their patients. Our dentists believe that every patient deserves care that specifically meets their individual needs. That’s why we make an effort to get to know every family that uses Alliance Dentistry. If your dentist is not prepared to offer treatment that considers your unique circumstance, gives call us to schedule an appointment today! We promise that your dental health will improve as a result of our considerate dental care.