Teeth Whitening Morrisville

Teeth Whitening Morrisville Teeth Whitening Morrisville

Alliance Dentistry offers teeth whitening for patients in the Morrisville, North Carolina area. Teeth whitening is a popular method for brightening teeth and enhancing one’s smile. LED light technology makes this possible. This state-of-the-art approach can lighten your teeth up to seven shades in as little as an hour. Alternately, you can choose to wear a whitening tray at home for several hours a day to lighten your teeth up to seven shades. To learn more about our teeth whitening services at our Morrisville office, give us a call.

Teeth Whitening for Morrisville Patients

Though many assume that the natural color of teeth is white, the enamel can be of different shades, and a patient’s teeth may not perfectly match in color. Some teeth may change color over time, particularly if staining occurs due to diet or smoking. When a Morrisville patient undergoes teeth whitening, it can make all of the teeth look more consistent in color.

Common Reasons for Why Morrisville Patients Need Teeth Whitening

As mentioned, a person’s teeth may discolor or stain if they are a smoker or drink certain types of beverages such as tea or coffee. Those who may benefit from teeth whitening at our Morrisville office may have suffered discoloration for any of the following reasons:

  •         Aging
  •         Tooth discoloration due to genetics
  •         Illness
  •         An injury affecting the teeth
  •         Taking antibiotics and certain other types of medications
  •         Use of tobacco, whether smoked or chewed
  •         Consumption of beverages and food that are high in tannins and other acidic or staining ingredients such as tea, coffee, red wine, colas, and berries.
  •         Use of fluoride when a child is very young and their teeth are still developing.

Choices for Teeth Whitening in Morrisville

You have several options for whitening your teeth, and our dentist can make recommendations for you after an exam. You may prefer gentle surface types of whiteners or stronger methods that can remove stains that are more severe. There are three main types of teeth whitening techniques used by patients in Morrisville:

  •         Toothpastes that include whitening agents to remove surface stains on teeth. This is the gentlest form of whitener and works using a polishing chemical. Because chemicals are not used, there may be a lower risk for side effects. However, they are not as effective as chemical products that can more dramatically lighten stained teeth. Whitening toothpastes work gradually and will normally take days or weeks to show results. They can be purchased without a prescription.
  •         Home use commercial whiteners can be purchased from our dentist. They are applied using a special tray, whitening strips, a rinse, or a special brush. A common ingredient is peroxide as it penetrates the tooth’s surface to lighten the enamel. Our dentist can examine your teeth and let you know for how long you will need to wear this whitener device.
  •         In-office teeth whitening at our Morrisville dental office. This method of whitening does not use peroxide and is substantially more powerful than whitening toothpastes and returns results much faster.

To learn more about your options for teeth whitening Morrisville patients recommend, contact Alliance Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.