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White Teeth Are Possible

July 20, 2015 Uncategorized

If there is one grievance  dentists in Cary NC hear each week, it is the struggle many of their patients endure in their attempts to achieve white teeth. If you are like most people, your teeth likely are not as white as you would like them to be. If attaining perfectly white teeth is important to you, you may have tried a million different techniques in an attempt to do so. You brush your teeth meticulously two plus times per day. You avoid soda. You drink your coffee with a straw, and have been flossing diligently for years. You have tried multiple over-the-counter teeth whitening strips to no avail. The-Truth-About-Keeping-a-Healthy-Smile1

Despite your painstaking efforts, nothing seems to do the trick.Every time you see a new picture of yourself, your teeth are still not the shade you wish them to be. You inspect your teeth in the mirror often during your efforts yet still the progress is almost negligible. Your Cary NC dentist tells you your teeth are perfectly healthy. Then why, you may wonder, are they still not white? Simply having healthy teeth, it seems, is not a guarantee that they will look the way you want them to.

You have done almost everything you could think of, and at this point might have considered giving up. What is the use if nothing you do works? Our dentists in Cary NC understand your struggle. Having and maintaining white teeth is difficult, and that is why Cary NC dentists offer another option that you may not have tried yet: dentist prescribed teeth whitening treatment. Our dentists have products they can administer or simply prescribe for at-home use to their patients. There are clear advantages of such products that rank them far superior to whitening products found over the counter. As dentists, they have the ability to use treatment with more potency. For example, Cary NC dentists can use whitening gels containing higher amounts of peroxide, the lead teeth-whitening ingredient, that will demonstrate much greater results. Our dentists also use trays during the process that help to contain the whitening gels only around the teeth, lessening any possible irritation of the gums and prohibiting saliva from diluting the bleaching agent.

If you want your smile to shine with a  beautiful set of spotlessly white teeth, you are not out of options. Our dentists have successfully assisted people throughout the area attain the white teeth they have always strived for. Contact our dentists in Cary NC today for an appointment.