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Metal-Free Dentistry in Cary, NC

October 28, 2014 Uncategorized

Metal-Free Dentistry in Cary, NC

Metal-Free Dentistry in Cary, NCFillings and crowns are some of the most common restorative procedures a Cary NC dentist office might perform. Before you have these procedures performed, make sure you consult with your Cary NC dentist and see that this is the right service for you. In many instances, a small cavity can be repaired with just a metal or porcelain filling. For larger damage, however, you may need a crown, which is seen as one of the best option to preserve a fragile tooth. Once you and your Cary NC dentist have decided on a procedure, you must decide if you would prefer metal or metal free dentistry.

When choosing a crown or filling, different materials can be used to strengthen and repair your teeth. Porcelain is a popular choice and many of our Cary NC patients request porcelain over metal. However, each material has its own unique advantages, which is why your Cary NC dentist should carry both. At Alliance Dentistry in Cary NC, we offer porcelain and gold crowns. Here are a few reasons many dentists in Cary NC offer metal-free dentistry:

1)      A natural aesthetic: Everyone loves a beautiful smile. To minimize the appearance of flaws, you may prefer a porcelain crown to match your tooth color. This creates a more organic appearance.

2)      A smooth fit: Not only does porcelain look natural, it feels natural. Porcelain can be easily shaped to fit your tooth for an accurate fit. With porcelain, inlays and onlays will sit comfortably in your mouth and resist leakage. This is an advantage of metal as well, which is why dentists in Cary NC use both of these materials. (At Alliance dentistry, we offer porcelain and gold crowns).

3)      Resistance to surface wear: though porcelain looks polished and smooth, it resists surface wear. However, it may cause some opposing wear on other teeth. Still, this is less so than with metal crowns.

4)      Sensitivity: If you have sensitive teeth, your Cary NC dentist might deem porcelain your best option for crowns and fillings. Metal can easily conduct heat and cold, irritating the teeth, mouth and gums. Porcelain is a far less sensitive material and can ensure the most comfort.

What, then, are the disadvantages of metal-free dentistry? Mostly, porcelain is not as sturdy as metal and therefore a porcelain crown is more vulnerable to wear and tear. Because of this, your Cary NC dentist is less likely to recommend this material for crowns. Also because of this, a Cary NC dentist may need to remove more of your tooth to fit a porcelain crown, since the strength of the crown depends on its bulk.

Whether you choose gold or porcelain from your Cary NC dentist, contact Alliance Dentistry in Cary NC . We are at your service, ready to give you a healthy, lasting and beautiful smile.