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Choosing Dental Implants: The Best Denture Alternative Cary NC Has to Offer

August 27, 2014 Uncategorized

dental implant cary ncWhen it comes to dental implants, there are many questions that surround this kind of procedure. Although we are a dental implant center in Cary, NC, that does perform these procedures, it’s important to remember several things when considering dental implants for yourself. The cost or time it takes to receive dental implants is not what is important when it comes to choosing what kind of implants you will be receiving and how much they are going to cost. When it comes to your oral health, quality trumps quantity. Choosing a qualified and experienced professional is always the best option when it comes to replacing broken or missing teeth since this kind of procedure can be so difficult. Not only do our patients gain insight into this kind of procedure, but they don’t regret choosing the best denture alternative that Cary residents can find!

“Cheap dental implants, only $900,” you may have seen on a passing billboard or flipping through a magazine. While this statement may have caught your attention, it’s important to know how misleading these advertisements can be. Often they only include the cost of one treatment in the long process it takes to receive implants that will last you a lifetime. There are many steps required when it comes to finding the best denture alternative that Philly has to offer. Putting the thoughts of costs aside, all dental implant procedures can be different because the condition of one’s teeth can vary from mouth to mouth.

Because everyone’s mouth is different, visiting us at Alliance Dentistry can help in the evaluation of your teeth, gums and jaw bones. One of the issues that we may encounter when determining what kind of treatment your mouth requires can be bad or broken teeth, which need to be replaced before dental implants. Another issue that can be found when coming in for an evaluation is what kind of condition your jaw bone is in. A bone graft may be required to ensure the post will be anchored in place firmly.

The first step in the road for your dental implants is creating a temporary tooth or set of teeth. The reason these temporary teeth are necessary is not only to look nice, but to allow you to eat as you would with your permanent teeth, while the implants become a whole and combine with your jawbone over a span of three to four months. Another advantage of these temporary teeth is the feedback we at By Design can receive from you. If any changes need to be made to the final and permanent teeth, such as a change in color, this can be done so before your permanent replacement teeth are set in. Since your new teeth are intended to last a lifetime, it is important that you feel they provide the same results as your previous and original teeth.

There are many differences between crowns, bridges and the best alternative Cary has to offer, dental implants, but choosing the right option for you should not only be measured by cost. You must ask yourself when it comes to choosing dental implants if you are looking for a temporary solution for your teeth or if you want permanent replacement teeth that will last the rest of your life.

If you need more information about changing your teeth in just one day, contact us now!