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Best Dentist Morrisville

Best Dentist Morrisville Best Dentist Morrisville

The majority of Americans have some level of experience in a dentist’s chair. Some experiences are benign or even pleasant while others are negative or traumatic. The fact is, it is not just the dentist but the receptionist and the dental hygienist who make up the overall picture that contribute to the emotions evoked when one thinks of going to the dentist’s office. It’s important for patients to remember that not all dentists in Morrisville are the best.

When you walk into Alliance Dentistry you will feel the harmony among the staff and the genuine appreciation for our clientele. Alliance Dentistry understands the importance of patient care from the moment the appointment is made to the patient leaving the office. Not only does Alliance Dentistry appreciate the feelings of vulnerability while sitting in a chair with a person reaching to his or her back molar during a routine cleaning, we also recognize that each person is different and are careful to read body language and tactfully help each patient feel comfortable regardless of the procedure.

Regular Maintenance

As most people know, regular cleanings and x-rays are an important aspect to healthy teeth and gums. While we recommend you make your appointments ahead, we understand that life can be busy and schedules are ever-changing. Each Morrisville dentist from our office will make every effort to fit you in as your schedule allows.


The idea of a cavity and need for a filling can be an ugly thought for many people. Our team of dentists in Morrisville are experienced and gentle with every step of the process.

Other Common Procedures

Whether you have a need for a root canal, dental crown, implant or an extraction, Alliance Dentistry will not only walk you through the process but also the payment options. We understand that insurance plans vary. Even though you may need a procedure, your insurance may not cover all of it. We will discuss the specifics of any procedure we are recommending in terms of cost prior to doing the work.


Each Morrisville dentist from our office is well-versed in working with children. We are careful to talk children through the process and help them to see it as a fun adventure rather than a scary thing they have to do. In addition to working on typically developing children, our practice is sensitive to children with varying diagnoses, as well. We will do our best to speak with parents beforehand to better understand the child and come up with a plan that will set the child and dental team up for success. You can be assured your child’s dental care is being taken care of by one of best dentist in Morrisville.

It is no secret that not all dentists and dental practices are the same. Alliance Dentistry aims high when it comes to customer service. We will do our best to work with you on flexible scheduling and rescheduling. We pride ourselves on being in the dental business because we care for people and respect individual needs both emotionally and physically. Alliance Dentistry is family-minded and are careful to balance the unpleasant needs of your teeth and gums with an overall pleasant experience in the office. Contact us today and set up an appointment with one of the best dentist Morrisville offers.

Going to the best dentist in Morrisville, North Carolina for a checkup doesn’t have to cause panic. Some people have a stigma about dental work, so they choose to avoid it. However, a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, the more faithfully you follow the annual or even semi-annual visit schedule (the latter is what is recommended by dentists), the less likely you are to have problems. If you need a refresher on what goes on during routine visits, refresh your memory by reading through these three steps.

  1. X-Rays

It is recommended that people get routine X-rays annually as part of their exam. The first step in a regular appointment is usually getting a set of X-rays done so the Morrisville dentist can spot any problems lurking beneath the surface such as decay, cavities and any injuries, like a crack. X-rays are a valuable resource for dentists and can help them diagnose and treat issues that may not yet be causing pain, but if left untreated, will.

  1. Cleaning

Depending on how the best dentist in Morrisville works, you may get a cleaning before seeing the dentist. This is recommended every six months, but in some instances, people can get away with only getting one a year. These people usually have excellent oral hygiene and no discernable dental problems. A hygienist will clean your teeth using a variety of tools that may sound, look and feel strange. These tools may include:

  • Scaler – Used to scrape tartar and plaque off the surface of the teeth paying close attention to the gum line area
  • Electric toothbrush – Much higher power than your at-home toothbrush and uses thicker toothpaste meant to latch on to impurities
  • Floss – Hygienists can get hard-to-reach spots that many people miss at home
  • If the hygienist encounters any inflamed or infected-looking gum tissue, the cleaning may be stopped until the dentist takes a look.
  1. Examination

The dentist’s examination is three-fold. First, they look at the X-rays and try to pinpoint any areas of concern. Next, they will take a thorough look inside the mouth. Finally, the Morrisville dentist may ask questions related to oral health history, including any current issues and whether or not there have been any instances of gingivitis or infections in the past. After the exam, the dentist will give a rundown of problems and a treatment plan for fixing them.

It may seem scary going to the dentist, especially if it’s been a while. Familiarizing yourself with routine procedures can help ease your mind and allow the dentist and staff to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

If you need dental treatment, you may be asking, “Who is the best dentist Morrisville patients recommend?” If you would like to meet the dental professionals at Alliance Dentistry, call our office today.