Family Dentist Cary NC

Family Dentist Cary NC
Family Dentist Cary NC

Family Dentist Cary NC

If you’re looking for a family dentist Cary NC provides, contact us at Alliance Dentistry. We are committed to providing quality dental care to families in our community at competitive prices in our warm and welcoming office. As a family owned and operated dentistry, we have not one Cary family dentist but two: Dr. Maureen M. Raczka and Dr. Timothy C. Raczka.

About Us

Alliance Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care for the Cary community. We offer regular dental cleanings, implants, crowns, gum treatment, root canals, and a variety of cosmetic services. When looking for a family dentist Cary NC residents have discovered that we can fulfill the dental needs of their entire family. Call our office today to find out more about the services we offer at Alliance Dentistry.

A Family Dentist Cary NC Children Trust

Parents well understand that oral health is of utmost importance, but for children, a trip to the dentist can be an anxious experience. At Alliance Dentistry, from the moment a child walks in the door we do everything possible to make them feel safe and welcome. Our dentists are compassionate, patient, and understanding. We enjoy answering the many questions that our young patients often ask us. It’s important to us to provide answers that they can understand. In this way they can begin a lifelong process of practicing healthy dental care habits. We strive to be the family dentist Cary NC parents can feel confident about when it comes to offering the best possible care for their children.

A family dentist in Cary NC from Alliance Dentistry can provide the following services for your child:

  • Teeth cleaning. With our friendly and comfortable staff and setting, we have great success with getting even the littlest patients to sit down to a thorough teeth cleaning.
  • Fillings. Children often develop cavities which can be painful and make it difficult to eat food or drink beverages. At Alliance Dentistry we can removed the damaged part of your child’s tooth and replace it with an amalgam or tooth-colored filling.
  • Dental bonding. When children play, they sometimes sustain injuries to their teeth. Bonding can fix small fractures and repair chips.
  • Dental sealants. Dental decay can develop on chewing surfaces of the teeth and in grooves on the tooth’s exterior. A plastic sealant adds a protective layer to the tooth so that food isn’t trapped and bacteria can’t form.
  • Pediatric crowns. When a child’s cavity is too large for a filling, or if they have already had a root canal for that tooth, our dentist can use a pediatric crown to cap the tooth.
  • Baby root canal. A severe toothache can result when dental decay extends to the tooth’s soft pulp where the nerves and blood vessels are located. In some instances, the damaged tooth can only be saved by a root canal.

Don’t Put Off Your Visit

Many people believe that you can prevent tooth problems by brushing and flossing every day. But the truth is, there is more to maintaining oral health than just daily care. It is important to visit a dentist a couple of times a year for checkups and a thorough cleaning. If you put off your appointment with a Cary, NC Family Dentist for too long, you risk the following happening:

Periodontal Disease

Infection or inflammation of the gums and underlying bone is called periodontal disease. The gums offer a seal that safeguards the tooth and roots from bacteria. When left below the gum line, bacteria may form deposits (calculus) that contain even more harmful clusters of bacteria. By seeing your dentist for hygiene care on a scheduled basis, they can remove harmful bacteria and buildup so you can continue to have healthy supporting bones and gums.

Tooth Decay

Plaque that doesn’t get removed can break down the tooth enamel over the course of time, eventually resulting in tooth decay. The plaque present on tooth roots can create decay in sensitive areas of the tooth structure. When too much decaying occurs, the roots won’t have sufficient enamel to protect them. Flossing and brushing can reduce plaque, but it’s only through a regular check-up with your dentist that you can receive the thorough cleaning you need to avoid tooth decay.

Other Health Problems

When visiting your dentist, they can identify early signs of plaque build-up, cavity formation, periodontal disease, and other related issues. Your dentist will also be able to detect symptoms of a serious medical condition, such as kidney failure, oral cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Underlying health conditions may have otherwise gone unnoticed if it weren’t for routine professional dental cleaning.

It may be tempting to delay seeing the dentist, but that may cause you to deal with easily preventable problems in the future. Rest assured that you and your family are in good hands at our dental office.

Alliance Dentistry

We are pleased to accommodate new patients and look forward to providing quality care for you and your loved ones. Call Alliance Dentistry now at (919) 363-3100 to make an appointment with a family dentist Cary NC offers.