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Do You Need a Cosmetic Dentist in Cary, NC?

Is your smile a source of self-doubt or holding you back from being as self-confident as possible? When someone points a camera in your direction, do you hesitate to say "Cheese!" and smile wide? Well, you are not alone in the community of Cary, NC if you think you could benefit from visiting a cosmetic dentist. Whether you have a missing or chipped tooth, you have gaps between your teeth or unevenly sized teeth, or you wish your smile was a little whiter than it is now, a trip to your local Cary cosmetic dentist could be life-changing for you.

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Selecting the Best Dentist in Cary

Who is the best dentist in Cary? If you ask five different sources online or in print, you may end up with five different answers. If you find yourself looking for a new dentist in Apex, Cary, or Morrisville, you deserve to find the dentist who can best accommodate your wants and needs. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the most important traits that we believe a good dentist should demonstrate. You’re welcome to disagree, but if you think that the qualities listed below are things that interest you when evaluating dental health providers, consider calling our office in Cary to schedule an appointment with our quality dentists.

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Four Ways to Know if Your Dentist is Focused on Your Family

When you’re searching for the dentist who’s right for your whole family, you can almost never be too diligent. Although many dentists advertise that they can provide great treatment for your entire family, claims like that are often simply misleading. Many dentists who claim that they’re great with families often do not understand how to satisfy the needs of both their adult and children patients. However our doctors Timothy and Maureen Raczka are committed to providing comprehensive treatment for families like yours because they formed Alliance Dentistry as their own family practice. Call us today to learn how your dental health could benefit from treatment that takes your whole family into consideration. There are four ways to know if your family dentist is actually family focused, and we like to think that Alliance Dentistry excels at all the criteria listed below.

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Which Braces are Right for Me, Invisalign® or ClearCorrect™?

There are a variety of reasons that you might be in need of some type of braces. Whether you’ve always had an unbecoming smile and a crooked bite, or you failed to properly maintain the bite that your braces from younger years corrected, sound orthodontic health can prevent future complications in your jaw, mouth, and the rest of your body. We’ve listed six of the most common reasons why you might need orthodontic treatment, and if you feel like any of them may afflict you then you should feel free to schedule an appointment with us today to figure out whether Invisalign® or ClearCorrect™ braces are the right treatment for you.

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Tackle Gingivitis with the Help of a Dentist

Gingivitis is one of the most threatening bodily diseases that we can experience as humans. Gingivitis, or gum disease, is a bacterial infection that causes your gums to become larger. Gingivitis is a serious threat, and failing to treat it can lead to worse gum problems through periodontitis. If you fail to treat Gingivitis, you place yourself at risk for tooth loss and are statistically more likely to develop heart attacks, lung disease, or stroke, and if you’re a woman suffering gingivitis during pregnancy, you are at increased likelihood of giving birth prematurely. Thankfully there are a variety of steps you can take to prevent yourself from developing gingivitis, but in order to effectively safeguard yourself you would be well served by taking the time to understand what causes gingivitis first.

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